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March 16, 2009


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Ooh I know what you mean about waking up on the wrong side of the bed! I do that every now and then and it's hard to snap out of it. The gift bags look cute as always!

Little Brown Rabbit

Hi Jacqueline
Your gift bag is really sweet, I love the colours. I know what you mean about the threading- that's the bit I dread! But if we keep practicing it'll become second nature!


thanks for the love. :)
i know exactly what you mean about time flying by when you're doing the things you love versus the 9-5 thing. But atleast we do do something we love! I work with women who don't do any kind of crafts and I feel sorry for them.


Believe it or not I do wake up in a "mood" once in a while too--LOL! ;o) I think everyone does sometimes, even the most cheerful person can have an "off" morning. What usually gets be going happier is a cup of tea and sitting down to my worktable and get started on some jewelry-making, knitting or sewing. Nothing like crafting to turn a day around. Thanks for the great links here...And your bag is lovely--good work! Happy Day ((HUGS))


Nope your not along. Long do do list and Clutter which can happen in a matter of minutes with the kids all running around makes me crabby too. I have to get the clutter under control at least somewhat them I'm able to handle the rest. :) Laugh as much as you can in times like that. It seems to lift the dark cloud.
I hope the rest of the week is better for you!!!!

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The gift bags look cute as always!!!!!!!!

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