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April 08, 2009


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lindsay b.

Everyone i know has the funk right now. Lots of rest, warm tea, and well wishes! i hope you feel better. i enjoyed browsing your blog.


Hi Jacqueline,

I'm sorry to hear you're sick! I am just starting to recover from a similar-sounding sickness. I've been down for the count for 9 days with fevers, chills, the works. YUCK!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am also happy to be in the blogging class, now just need my full energy back to devote to it. :)



Oh, Jacqueline! So sorry you're not feeling well... :o( Not much fun being sick... Hope so much you are resting, making tea and taking good care... Thinking of you and sending lots of get-well ((love & hugs)) :o)


Oh hope you feel better soon. Your doll make me smile, she look so sweet! Just stay in bed and taking good care. X Mika


Thanks for stopping by my blog and the compliments! I really like everything you have on Etsy.


So sorry to hear that you are unwell! The 'flu is terrible - it really knocks you around. Very sensible to stay in bed or on the sofa rest - give your body a chance to fight it off. Hopefully you are over the worst of it and are on your way to a recovery!

Sports cars

Yep.....Your blue bird is soooo cute!!!Seems it is so sad as you are unwell:(

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Why is doll seems to be sad!!Is that because of your illness!!!!!!!

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