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Welcome to So Cute It Hurts: an inspiration blog. I love to create, craft and design. This is my little creative outlet. My hope for you is to be encouraged, inspired, motivated to create for yourself.


My name is Jacqueline aka jqline (for short).
I am currently residing in this tropical country, Malaysia. I have a big passion for crafts and anything handmade. No one in my family tree have this loving for craft however my passion is inspired by my old baby sitter, Granny Mary. Granny Mary used to sew cute little dresses for my Cabbage patch kid, Gabriel from left over vintage fabrics. I used to sit around her sewing machine as she worked her magic fingers on those wonderful fabrics. I like to try to handmake things from plushy to accessories. I love craft books and one of my favorite is Aranzi Aronzo. Their craft books are just so cute it hurts! =P

I carry with me a small notebook which I doodle on while waiting for the bus or train, while talking on the phone, during boring meetings, just about anywhere anytime when the situations permit me. I don’t have a great talent in drawing but I believe we have an artist inside each of us, whether we know it or not. I doodle on just about any cute little patterns that cross my mind in simple little pictures or shapes. I feel really inspired by all of your creativity and creations at Etsy to pick up my needle and thread and translate my cute doodles into wonderful cute creations.


i believe in love. i believe in hope and faith. i believe in me and you.