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February 27, 2009


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Oh, but Reymi is such a sweetie-pie, Jacqueline!! Isn't he lovely...A big kiss to him from me! :o) This is a sweet post, my friend. You have such a great place here, and I'm very glad to be among your regular visitors and get to know you. Your happy spirit is a gift to know! :o) Happy weekend ((HUGS))


Reymi is a darling! HUGZ to him and to you Jacqueline!! :) xoxo

I know what you mean! But be sure that there are many secret admirers out there that you don't know about them!


What a nice post this is. Having a blog is great, isn't it? It's wonderful to have a world full of people to meet and share things with all over the internet.
Thanks for always leaving such cheerful and encouraging messages at my blog - your posts and the things that you make are fantastic!


Hi Jaqueline! What a cute baby Reymi is! I am sure he will make a very fair draw for the competition, great idea. I know exactly how you feel. I often feel like I am blogging andf NO-ONE is even reading it. I finally decided that as long as I have a spot where I can talk about my crafts it does not matter if anyone knows about it. But recently I added blogger statistics to my profile and was I surprized! To learn that almost 1,000 people paid a visit to my blog in less than 2 weeks was amazing! Wish more people would leave comments...Hope you have a great Monday!


Gosh! Isn't Reymi cute!! I enjoy popping in to read your blog!


Gosh! Isn't Reymi cute!! I enjoy popping in to read your blog!

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How cute Reymi is???? Soooo sweet of him!!!!!!!


I love your line:
"there is nothing wrong with wanting to live my dream purely for the joy and inspiration that it brings"

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