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February 20, 2009


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Little Brown Rabbit

Thank you very much for my Birthday message :)
I love fabrics too- or maybe I'm addicted to shopping! Probably both!
Have a lovely creative weekend!


Hi! I think we all have a bit of a "fabric-obsession"! I have to stay away from the fabric shops to curb my spending, but it does not work so well. Recently I spent a small fortune on buying just two pieces of fabric from Etsy (postage to Africa is very expensive, then I won't even mention the exchange rate to the US$!) and my (non-sewing) friend asked me what i plan to make with this fabric I ordered. I was so shocked about the question that I could not answer immediately. Then I just said, I don't know yet. I'll see when the inspiration hits me. She looked at me as if I am crazy!

Your fabrics are so yummy! I only own 2 small pieces of Japanese fabric that I cannot get myself to use. Must get some more!

You are on the right track though. Get some yummy fabric and then inspiration will hit you to use your new sewing machine!

Enjoy the ride! It never stops to excite me!



They are beautiful!! I'm not a fabric addict but I have another similar addiction: scrapbook cardstock!!! :o)


beautiful fabrics, I'm not a total fabric addict, I'm pretty new to sewing, I have a tiny little sewing machine and have been making simple things of my own device, that don't have straight edges as I'm totally useless at cutting straight. One day I hope to have a lovely hoard of fabric, and am keen to get loads of lovely japanese cotton and linen ones.. and I have an account at spoonflower but haven't actually designed anything just yet.. one day though!


My daughter has your same passion for fabric-I have sent her a link to your blog-I think she'll love it!


Hello, I can totally identify with your obsession with fabrics hehehe cos I am a fanatic myself... and like you, I am crazy about everything handmade too :)


Hi!! :)
I also addicted!!! :p I bought some fabric even when I didn't know how to use the sewing machine :p I'm starting to learn now so... probably I'll fed my addiction a little bit more! lol!!!


Oh dear Jacqueline, i think we have the same sickness :0)
Looking at your beautiful fabric stash i must control myself and not going to my favorite fabric shop! (Hancocks paducah)
what a beautiful fabric choice, please show us what you are making, you have a beautiful weekend too!
much love from your friend in the UK!

Dawn Newsome

Hi, jqline
I just connected with you on Flickr. Thanks so much for inviting me. I love your blog!
I am going to look around a bit more but wanted to stop to say hi.


Thanks for commenting on my blog. I LOVE your blog, it's so colorful and fresh! Your etsy shop is beautiful as well. :)


My mom and her friends (fabric obsessed too) use to joke by saying "He who dies with the most fabric wins"
And one of her friends always said that if something happened to her, they were to hurry and get some of her fabric out of the house because her husband would flip if he honestly knew how much she really did had.
Fabric makes me happy!


You have lovely fabrics Jacqueline! :) I have that kind of addiction about all craft and painting supplies :( And sometimes I really hate myself for buying many of them :D But I think if you have a look of supplies around you, you will get more creative...haha maybe this is another way that I deceive myself! But it's true!

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