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February 24, 2009


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Hi, Jacqueline! Your space here is looking so great--and such fun to see your photo at the top there! :o) Loved seeing all your lovely stacks of fabric on your previous post. And how lovely you're doing a giveaway...Do count me in on the fun! ;o) Fabric addiction...I know all about it--LOL! I love to sew, so there are stacks of fabric in my craft room...along with the beads, yarn, etc. ;o) To keep my fabrics organize, I have all pieces fold and arranged by color and qualit on an small 3-shelf bookcase that I painted and made over after we moved into our house. Baskets on top of the bookcase hold any extras--trims, zippers, etc., another basket holds scraps of fabric leftover from sew projects to be given new life later. Periodically I keep things in check--refold fabrics, tidy the stacks, etc. I find when things are kept rather tiday I can see things easier, know where they are, and don't buy multiples by accident--LOL! Looking forward to seeing your sewing soon...Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))


What adorable chopsticks! Those are the kind I would have to use since I am pretty bad at the regular kind. We do try them when we eat a restaurants though!


Those chopsticks are ridiculously cute. I've been really into elephant things lately. Don't feel bad about your fabric obsession. At least you are obsessed with buying something useful that you will make great stuff out of.

shannon K.

Hey 'Cutie'!

I have two little boys who would love to use these cutie-petuttie-chopsticks! Right now they just stab at their food with traditional ones...stabbing is SO NOT cute!! ;)
As far as your spring cleaning...my husband will attest...that is something even I need help with! I'm good at watching and keeping great company!


These chopsticks are adorable! Please count me in on the give-away.

Regarding organizing fabric, I fold my fabric and keep it stacked by colour to make matching easier when planning a project. I prefer keeping my fabric stored inside a dust-free cupboard. My problem is that this cupboard is now getting too small for my stash. I have to get innovative to get it all to fit! I see many crafters store their fabric in bookcases or large plastic see-through containers, which is also a nice idea. Hope you share pictures of your craft area soon! Pinktulipza


These are a lovely idea! It can be quite tricky for a little one to master chop sticks and this is such a fun idea! And they're elephants too! Can I put my hand up to be included in the giveaway?


Those are so adorable! When I first pulled up your blog I thought you made them! I am SO bad with chopsticks I don't even know if cheater sticks would work for me, but I'd be glad to try! You've got such inspirational stuff on you're blog it's always fun to visit...

Have a great day!!


Hi Jacqueline! Your blog is so pretty. And I want to thank you for your sweet, kind comments on my own. Have a lovely evening!


im in lool
so colorful elephants ^^
seems like you really like elephants lol


OMG!!! These are fantastic finds Jacqueline! Extremely cute!!! And I am sure you are a master in eating with chopsticks, right? :) xox

Jennifer Ladd

These are so cute! My daughter really WANTS to use chopsticks (she knows that's what they use in Vietnam and she loves everything to do with Vietnam), bu she has such a hard time with them (she's only 2!). These would be great for her! thanks for the chance to win!

jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

Little Brown Rabbit

What a great idea! I've tried learning how to use chopsticks and failed! Would love to try with these.

Thank you for your lovely comment over at my blog and thank you very, very much for your continued support also- it means a lot :)


The cutest chopsticks ever!! lol!! :D

Next week I'll share with you my firsts sewing adventures ;) I'm just finishing an embroidery project and after that I'll post some things! :)
I have some links and tutorials in portuguese... which won't help you very much! I'll make a list of some webpages and tutorials in english for you ;)

Some of my favorite ideas that I saw on flickr =)
I hope that has inspired you! :)

Have a great thursday :D


I love the chopsticks. Very cute! You have such a sweet blog. As you already know, I think you are very talented.

Thanks for having a giveaway =)

Kizzy - The Chopsticker

Hi you, im late Home once again and didnt find u somewhere. So i write a Comment on your Blog-Thingy (I mean this thingy) So yea, i like those too, but i dont really need them (i so pwn with Chopsticks!) but you know that allrdy dont you. :P So on Friday (wich is Today, or Tomorrow depends on what Day you read this, or Last Week, in case you read this again then...) i will be Home ard 4 pm allrdy (My Time that is, wich is like 11 pm your Time, if your in some other Country by then please check Local Listings) so i would have some Time, to talk again, because else theres seriously no Timeframe we have anymore just the damn Weekends. So yea, i know you read this (yes i know dont try to look away now!) and i hope i get soem reply or call or something, else i just see you Tomorrow (wich is Friday, just in case someone wonders :P)

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karen - urban craft

awww, these are so cool. Thanks for a great giveaway. I would love to win. I love your blog too, you're super sweet.
Thanks again!

GMC Middle East

Haven't seen such colorful elephants !!!!Looks cool!!!!!!

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