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March 18, 2009


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Gina Kim

You're my inspiration! People are much better off doing what they love, indeed. (And people suffer so much, I think, the second they deny this part of their heart).

The world NEEDS artists/dreamers/visionaries. I believe that when you follow your dreams, you inspire everyone. Hugs! ~gina

Little Brown Rabbit

LOVE Kim's artwork! Amazing! :)

I'm totally with you as you know in following your dreams. I stepped onto the right path for me and have never looked back :)


What a lovely post. It is so so true. I've done what I wanted and what I've thought was best for me for awhile now. Though other people may question why...I don't care!

Kim's artwork is just gorgeous! I've always wished to be a good illustrator, whether on paper or computer. Never happened for me though, so I'll just enjoy everyone else's!

melissa moss

Oh, that's such a nice message to wake up to. Thanks, Jacqueline!


Hi, great that you posted the artwork of Kim. Love it.
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Have a good one today. Mika


I love Kim's illustration.
I need to watch Revolutionary Road. Your post has been its own inspiration. Following your dreams is rewarding and worth it. :)


I totally agree that if you don't try, you will never fail or succeed. When I was younger I didn't try anything new and now that I am older and more mature (hopefully!) I jump into all kinds of things. Yes, I find that I can't do somethings, but most things work out just fine!


Wonderful and inspirational post, and Kim's illustration is simply great! Glad you showed it!


absolutely beautiful! Very inspirational and soo true!
I have always follow my dreams.
Have a beautiful day my friend Jacqueline!

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Kim's illustration is really amazing!!!!Great job!!

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Well done Mr.Kim!!!!!!Dane a great job!

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Nice job...Even i wannna try it....

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