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April 17, 2009


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Hi, Jacqueline! So glad you are feeling better! :o) This was a great post... And LOVE Cotton Time magazine! I wish it were easier to get here... :o7 Happy weekend ((HUGS))


Glad that you're feeling better. And thanks for the pictures on your blog, I love looking at Cotton Time magazine pictures online, they're always inspiring.

Sheila D

Jacqueline, thought I'd say hi and take a peak at your blog. Nice..
And I want that book!! I always always always looove Japanese craft book, even though I don't understand one bit, but the images are always so alluring. Arrgh... They're so nice to look at, aren't they?
So, this is a magazine? I better find out. Perhaps I can browse at Kinokuniya.

Little Brown Rabbit

I LOVE anything Japanese- thanks for sharing :)
Have a lovely weekend
Em x


oh these images are so bright and cheerful! Yes, it's crazy how fast the weeks fly by! Look forward to reading more of your posts! Feel better :) And see you in the forum!


Love Cotton Time! Always so so inspiring. Happy weekend!

Cookie Cutter

Thanks for introducing the magazine. I love it! Yes, we certainly share a love for all things Japanese. Hehe. Are you subscribing to the magazine or did you get it from Kinokuniya?

Merissa from Hawaii

Jacqueline, what a great name for the new column: Cotton Candy! Cotton Time! I like it! That magazine looks so charming! Perfect inspiration for your craft!


Sandy, i subscribe to this magazine but i believe you could also get a copy at Kinokuniya but if you don't find it therei believe you can always ask Kinokuniya to pre-order it for you. :)

Im so happy many of you love this magazine...makes me feel really happy!! Love to all of you!


So good to hear you are feeling better and more chirpy Jacqueline! That cotton Time mag looks like an Aladdin's Cave of fun! Your blog is so cute by the way!


That magazine is amazing girl. A lot of inspiration I think. Curious to see what your making!!!! X Mika


The magazine looks fantastic! I'm sure it will inspire some beautiful creations!


Hi Jacqueline! Don't we all have our ups and downs? The most important thing is to come around more wise and confident!!!
Your post is plain cotton candy!!!
I hope you had a nice weekend!


Hi Jacqueline, I love this magazine, thanks for sharing!glad you feel better and inspired! happy weekend.


That magazine looks so cute! I'm excited for the next post in this column.


Thank you for sharing photos of your magazine. I love seeing this magazine (they have such a great style) but I am not able to find a copy of it.


Hi Jacqueline: I love this magazine. The bookstores in the States, at least where I am, do not carry this title. My sister in law in Korea sends them to me now and then. I adore every issue!


What a fun magazine! I love seeing ones I've not heard of before. I'll make sure to check back. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You've got a great space and I'm off to check out your Etsy shop...

Cadillac Middle East

I enjoyed a lot!Thanks for sharing!!

Process Analyst

Yep...Enjoyed reading your blog!!!Interesting!!!!!!!

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