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May 01, 2009


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Merissa from Hawaii

Jacqueline that polka dot embroidery is cute! And I like the pink embroidery hoop (not sure what you call it) and how well it goes with your fabric! Nice photos too! Great job! :)


I love that pink fabric, too. It's so sweet! Is it linen?

What are you going to do with it when it's finished?


Looks so sweet. And I love your embroidery bag too! Enjoy your time off!

Little Brown Rabbit

This is going to be such a sweet design :)
Have a wonderful long weekend!
Em x


wow...what a great sneak peek! :)

I hope you have a super long weekend, too! :)


I love it! You're so talented, everything you make turns out beautifully. Btw...is there a trick to leaving a typekey or typepad comment? I NEVER can!

Hope you have a happy weekend. xoxo Candi


Lisa, yep that cute dots fabric is linen! hehe I was wondering too if anyone would ask me what i have plan for this...since it's cut up in a pretty small potion. I do infact have something plan for this when it's finish and i will share it here with you when it's all done. :)

Candi, your so sweet! To leave typekey or tyepad comment i believe you need to login to the account. I think you just need to sign in before you leave a comment. I notice that sometimes when i keep my account login, and when i visit any typepad blog...i'm signed in automatically. Hmmm i hope im making some sense here. >_<


Hey Jacqueline, the fabrics and embroidery are so cute!! unfortuneately it's raining here- more reason to stay inside and work on stuff i guess! Have a great weekend!


You lucky thing Jacqueline! A long weekend! I'm so jealous! Embroidery is like drawing with a needle and thread, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing this finshed!


Sam, you put it in such a nice way...yep embroidery is really just like drawing with a needle and thread! :)


i love your basket. it is very nice.
I am happy I discovered your blog. Your work is fanstatic!

Tamara Garvey

I love what you have done so far on that sweet pink linen! It made me giggle that you have a pink embroidery hoop to match. Too cute!


Oh I love your pink hoop! So cute :)
That fabric is so sweet, I'm sure it'll be a lovely finishing piece! :)

Those cards I made aren't my real business card.. I'm a webdesigner, already have my (true) business card and I don't sell my crafts but.... I made those cute ones to give to my friends ;)

Have a great week! :D


Jacqueline, thanks so much for stopping by earlier! I'm so glad you did because now I've come to see your blog and it's so cheery and fun. I love your embroidery!

Holly decor8

Hello Jacqueline!

Your blog is beautiful, you have quite a gorgeous little spot on the web here. You must be very proud of yourself. And your sewing work is exquisite. :)

Thank you so much for taking my class and for adding my badge to your blog, I really appreciate the support honey! You were a really nice student, thank you again and please stay in touch with me and your classmates!


BPMN Training

It looks really cute!!!Good job!!!

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