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May 06, 2009


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Wasn't the course great! I loved it too!


I'm glad you have been so pleased with the course! Feel my hug! :)

I have always believed that in life, if you want something, you can do it, just believe! Positive thinking and attitude takes your far! ;)

Concha is from Portugal, like me :D
I need to look the others, they're new to me :)

A big hug for you!! :)
Kisses, Nia

Gina Kim

I'm so very proud of you my sweet friend. You bless others because you're a blessing yourself!

Huge hugs and huge praise,

la petite maison

What a sweet and touching post! I, too, am sad that the course is over. I echo all your sentiments. Thank you for sharing!

Little Brown Rabbit

Lovely post- I'm glad you enjoyed the course so much :) and thank you for sharing all those lovely blogs with us.
Em x


awww i completely agree! i'm so sad I didn't have a homework and a podcast to come home to tonight! love this post!


I love this awesome post and its a very beautiful and touching tribute to the class. Great to hear that you learned so much from the course. I hope all your dreams come true! I'm also sad that its ending & hope to keep in touch with you. Wini


You are the sweetest, ever!

I'm sad that the course is over, but I'm so happy to have met so many great people, like you :)


Such a lovely wrap up to our first e-course! You mentioned some lovely blogs. I have to do my round-up post still.

Have a lovely day,


What a sweet post dear Jacqueline - I'm sure that your kind words are very appreciated and reciprocated. :) Have a lovely weekend sweetie!


Such a lovely tribute-post, Jacqueline...And congrats on finishing your course and having fun along the way--that's how it should be! Wishing you a lovely weekend, my friend :o) ((HUGS))


what a wonderful class this sounds like! I adore Decor8 and can imagine her class must have been first rate! Have a lovely weekend sweet Jacqueline!
~Emily xx


Oh... I loved the course as well! And I feel exactly like you: it has helped me not only as a blogger, but also as a person.

Thanks for featuring my blog!

BMW Middle East

This is such touching text!!!!Emotional as well!!!very interesting to read!

Process Management Training

The flowers of this blog are really beautiful!!!

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