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May 04, 2009


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Cotton Time! Oh, I LOVE that magazine...wish I could get it here, but hard to come by. You are so sweet with your giveaway. Do please count me in on the fun. :o) So exciting you are thinking about your shop and what's next...and asking for our humble opinions. I LOVE all that you create--such fun things. Your baby onesies could almost be a shop unto themselves. But I do like those elephant coasters and something more along the lines of that might be fun, but perhaps different animal shapes too--like you bunnies...those would make fun coasters. Back to the elephant though--what about an elephant zippered pouch/purse--the zip goes over the elephant's back?1 I like that idea! This is fun...I'll have to think more--LOL! Happy Day, Jacqueline ((HUGS))


Hi girl, thanxs for your sweet comment. Of course I wanna share into your give a way. I love to see baby cutness (hahah, but that is it for new moms) Also I like to see some make up items, cotton make up bags, cover for shampoo bottles etc. I think you made awesome stuff!!!! Talk to you soon.
X Mika


Not sure I have a suggestion for your shop (or to enter the contest) - maybe more baby boy items? I know a few ladies having boys very soon. I wanted to tell you that I look forward to reading your column (like all your posts!).

Little Brown Rabbit

Hello! Thanks for the Giveaway!
I think mobile phone pouches would be a neat idea? Animal ones or embroidered ones? I also really love your coasters so perhaps you could do some different animal coasters?
Em x

Cookie Cutter

Hi there! I love your baby clothings. What about a line for slightly young children too? 2 yrs-5 yrs? I would love to see more functional cute items too (for folks like me who do not have kids) eg. tote bag, cushion covers etc. Great etsy shop!


Hello, would love to discover this magazine! As for suggestions, I would like to see some sewing items in your shop, like embroidered pincushions or needle cases.

Gina Kim

3 words Jacqueline: embroidered coin purses :)
What a great announcement! Hoping it will cause a huge stir and that new people have the privilege to get know you through this blog! Happiness to you as always...


I love your embroidery - maybe little embroidered bags? What about mini quilts for the wall? That would be sweet too! Plus I love my elephant my mom bought me!


I think everything you make is wonderful. I think you would do well by adding more of everything to your shop! I love the onesies but my son is 17 he would not wear one. ;) Have a wonderful day! Hugs!!


I wonder what happened? I tried to leave a comment yesterday but I don't see it now? The mysterious ways of computers...

I love your news! You are so clever at making things and I think you could put your cute embellishments on just about anything! I wonder if a diaper/bottle bag for mom would be good? Looking forward to seeing all the new things you come up with!
Hugs from Emily xxoo


Hi Jacqueline! Thank you so much for all the nice things you say on my blog! You're a cutie!

I like all the things you make actually - they are uniquely Jacqueline and therefore I would be loath to say which one was best! They are all number one in my opinion!


Hi there! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I adore your etsy shop - so many cute things. My only suggestion would be maybe more boy items, and a wider range of sizes available. Just don't lose the elephants - I thing they're so cute! Thanks for the great giveaway!


All of your items are sooo lovely. I really like your pillow on flickr. Pillows with your design would be great =)

Your work is amazing!

~ Jamie


Hello Jacqueline:: I see that 'Little Brown Rabbit' mentioned mobile phone pouches. I agree with her. I think you could probably come up with really cute ones for the 'tween' set. Thanks for the giveaway!


Hi Jacqueline!! What a lovely idea to have a giveaway! :) I had a look in your shop and love the embroidery, its so cute! :)

Some ideas could include some more outfits for baby boys, baby blankets, bibs, booties, caps & little soft toys. And maybe toddlers clothes ie. t-shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts? Other ideas: pencil cases, shoe bags, book covers, purses, make up bags, glasses cases? Hope this helps...! Have a wonderful week! Wini xox


What about business card holders? I think everything you make is beautiful!

Hope you're enjoying your day. :) xoxo


Hi Jacqueline! I have sneaked in from Flickr and to your blog! =)
I love the kids' items in the shop, but what I really love is your pincushion from Flickr! While I realise that your store is dedicated to little kids, perhaps you should consider branching out. *Because that pincushion is reli awesome! *.*
And love the new addition of "cotton candy.cotton time". I have heard so much about that magazine (and how I covet it!), it's simply good to see someone dedicating some time to go through the awesome magazine =)

Thanks for sharing =)


Jacky, thank you for the comment about my blog =) I love my crafts, my embroideries, but I also love to 'create on the web' :) It's great working with webdesign... it's a desk job but it's also exciting creating and seeing the pages building their lines ;)

Giveaway?! Count me in! :D
I thank you for your column "Cotton candy.Cotton time", I love it!
Ohhh I adore all cute stuff and all you make is sooooooooooo cute ans lovely =) It's hard to pick one favorite... I don't have children so maybe the elephant coaster :) I love those!!
You're looking for new ideas? My niece/goddaughter she loves little bags/pouches, cute and colored ;) Hair bands or necklaces, children love to accessorize :D


hm...everything you do is already so cute but maybe you can add reusable grocery bags! :)

Bentley Middle East

All your products are really interesting !!!!!Quite excited!!!

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Quite excited to see your lovely work!!!

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