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June 10, 2009


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So sorry to hear you are not well again, Jacqueline... Do put your feet up, drink your teas and hope very much you will be on the mend soon. So much colds/flu going around and lingering... The bunny order turned out a treat--oh it's so cute!! Love it...love that little house/heart on its tail...tee-hee...You are so clever! :o) Thinking of you... ((HUGS))

lisa h./ parallelbotany

Oh, I hope you're feeling better soon. That's happened to me before, where I just go through a cycle of being sick, like I can't quite get over it.

Make sure you don't push yourself too hard - get lots of rest.

(and your bunny is adorable :) )


Feel better, Q! Healing wishes being sent your way now :)


sorry you are feeling under the weather.. sleep is the best cure.. or a really hot bubble bath.

love the bunny! very sweet!


So sorry you're ill again Jacqueline :( Hope you feel better soon. Have lots of rest and lots of tea! xxx

Gina Lee Kim

Oh, i'm so sorry to hear you're not well. Please get better soon. Your custom order is lovely! Every time I see a cute bunny in my local scrapbooking store, I think of you and your cuteness.

Kim....take precious care of our Jacqueline, please...

little t jane

oh, i do hope you feel better very quickly. as mentioned above, rest & tea, rest & tea! i love your photographs!!! bunny is so sweet. hug!


Hey Jacqueline, sorry to hear that you're sick again & hope you get well soon. Your bunny looks absolutely gorgeous...!!! Sending lots of well wishes your way, Wini xox


Oh Jacqueline! I'm so sorry to hear you aren't well! :( No good at all! I'm just recovering from a big bad cold and can totally sympathise! Lucky person who had that pretty bunny made for them! Hope you get well soon - take lots of garlic! It worked for me!


Oh, I do hope you recover quickly! If you're as cozy and rested as the little star, I'm sure you will be up and running in no time :D
And the bunny is so gorgeous!


Thanks so much for all the sweet words and healing wishes. If we live close together, i would run and give each of you a hug for i felt your love and warm in my heart and soul. So thank you so very much. Your kindness and wishes mean the world to me. Love you guys!

Gina, Kim is in germany, so he can't take care of me right now, i know he will if we are living together. :) I'm really looking forward to year end when we'll finally be-together till then i guess i'll just have to pull myself together and try to feel better soon. :)


This is so lovely!Looks cuddly and soft as well. Sorry to hear you are sick again. Drink your medicine, rest and get better soon!

Little Brown Rabbit

Wonderful bunny!
I do hope you get lots of rest and feel better soon.
Em xxx


Hope you're feeling better! The little bunny is precious!


If all the good wishes could make you better, you'd be superwoman, everyone wants you back on your feet quickly. Sending you love and hope for a speedy recovery! Have some soup and get some rest (yes, can you tell I'm a mom?)

Cookie Cutter

Hey rest well n drink lotsa liquids. The weather's awfully warm lately, isn't it? Get well soon!

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I hope you're feeling better soon. May god made you to feel better soon!

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