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August 06, 2009


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Cookie Cutter

*grin* thank you, once again! I'm so excited! My own prep has been kinda slow though :p

Btw, I am drooling over those cute tapes!

Cheery up! The weekend's coming :)


Everything looks so sweet Jacqueline! Looking forward to seeing the finished products!! Have a lovely weekend Jacqueline!


Lovely work Jacqueline! It's perfect for Halloween! One of my favorite occasions :) Have a great day mu lovely friend! xo :)


Bones is so cute!


oh, what cute skeleton!
and the tapes are to die for. i have a horrible weakness for tapes! isn't it great just to buy and stash them for admiring purposes? or is it just me? :P


Cute bones! That would make a great bookmark! I love those tapes too, especially the one with the trees and animals. Glad to hear you're keeping crafty busy.


Hi, Jacqueline! So much fun happening here... Can't wait to see how Bones finishes! hehehe.. ;o) Do hope you'll be feeling better... The once-a-month stuff isn't fun :o( Have a great weekend ahead, my friend. See you next week ((HUGS))

Gina Kim

Hi cutie-pie! You must be getting ready for halloween? ha ha I miss you *this* much. hope all is well with you. Your crafting makes me smile.


Super cute! Btw...I know exactly how you feel. It's been one of those weeks for me too! Hope you have a great Friday! Xoxo


I like your bag and "bones" will be such a hit with my teenage son! I am looking at some skull patterns for him at the moment. Glad your little mood swing has been resolved by a little craftiness. I can understand that, I have the same although my moods last a bit longer than 2 days! Hope you have great crafty plans for the coming weekend!


Hi it is so good to see your work in progress. Nice to see you creative again. Mika


So glad to see your latest creation. LOVE Bones!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Thanks for leaving the sweet birthday message for my mom-that was so nice!
Hope you have a nice weekend and I love seeing photos of your work in progress!

EnRouge (Karla)

Love this little fella! Very cute and creative idea, J, I think perfect for Halloween, too. Boo!! : )

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hi Jacqueline, sorry so hear about your PMT and hope you feel better now! Great to hear you're back to being creative again. Bones is so cute, looking forward to seeing him completed! wini xox


Your bag is so sweet, and bones is fabulous, year-round! My husband would love him! Makes me want to post a polymer clay skeleton I did for him - I'll have show you sometime.

Hope you're feeling better and have a fabulous weekend.


Oh the bookmark is going to be AWESOME!!

Car wallpapers

Cute bones! That would make a great bookmark! I love those tapes too, especially the one with the trees and animals.

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