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August 27, 2009


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Cotton Time...I just LOVE Cotton Time! :o) All the projects and ideas you featured here are beautiful...I'd love to try making them too. Glad you on a great creative roll, Jacqueline... enjoy the flow! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))


What a sweet magazine! Looks like it has a lot of great projects to make. Thanks for sharing a burst of creativity today!

Little Brown Rabbit

This magazine looks amazing- I would be ooing and arring all the way through! Thanks for sharing :)

Chickabiddy Baby

Wow Jqline...if that magazine can't inspire the most blocked person, I don't know what can. That is amazing. I could look at it all day. Your taste is impeccable as usual! xoxo


That´s a brilliant magazine I have just discovered through your post. Thanks a lot!


lisa h.

Lovely lovely. I would like a simple white and wood living room like that.

I dont think my boyfriend would be open to the idea of draping a lacy cloth over the tv... But I can't get enough of that bright white light.

This makes me want to shop for Japanese magazines in a big way!

Gina Kim

Hi Jcqline, Thank you for your eternal sweetness! Love the pages on this post. Hugs from me to you...


I love these ideas! This magazine could make me take out my sewing machine again. The hairclips are adorable!


I love cotton time!
thanks for sharing those pages of inspiration :)


Nice- thank you for sharing! I didn't know about it.


what cute pages! thanks for stopping by and saying hello :)


I have been dying to get a copy of this lovely magazine! I adore the Japanese Craft books and patterns and this magazine has a variety of crafts in. Maybe it's time to get a few copies...Hope you have a great, crafty weekend!


Wow these pictures are amazing, now I have the urge to make something! Which reminds me to look out for these type of magazines. Thanks for sharing & happy crafting


Hey there Jacqueline,

Just to let you know I don´t want to miss out on all that cuteness you have on display and I am officially following you now :)



Thanks for putting up these pictures, I always look forward to seeing what's new when you get your magazine. And... to see what you make next from the inspiration!
I hope you have a weekend filled with creativity & happiness! You always leave me such cheerful messages at my blog, it makes me so happy.


Wow, this magazine rocks! I love the projects, thanks for introducing me to this publication, do you know where it can be purchased in the states/Canada.


Thanks for posting these photos-so inspiring-looks like a great magazine! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog-hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Hi Jaqueline! I love Cotton Time too! It's issues are always filled with fresh, interesting craft ideas!! Have a great night!


Oh, what pretties! Its all so fresh and bright. Ive never seen this magazine! I'll have to be on the look-out :)

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/yahgie

I love the little bunny rabbit so cute.


Looks like a great magazine. Too many are sadly folding these days.


Hi Jacqueline, I wrote a comment a few days ago but I don't see it here now so maybe it didn't go thru? Anyway, what a lovely magazine!! I like the bunny and the red Handbag!! Great to hear that you're feeling creative! Luv Wini xo


OMG!!! That bunny is a darling! What a fantastic mag! Thanks for sharing xo :)



Hi Jacqueline! I love this magazine and although it's not available readily here, my sister-in-law in Korea is gracious enough to send them to me periodically. I've just received August issue! I just wish I had more time to make some of the projects! Well, one of these days...

BYD Middle East

The blog is soooo interesting!!!!Thanks a lot for this blog!

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