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August 13, 2009


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What fabulous fabric! Love the pink polka-dots! I agree with you, the best part of fabric shopping is the "hunt". I can spend hours looking and touching before I decide what to buy. Then I take it home and keep it in sight for days to stare at and touch some more before I pack it away in my stash. Then I feel too sorry to use it! Hope you are having a great week!


Tney are so pretty Jacqueline!! I love hunting for supplies too! Especially pastel chalks and thick art paper!! So glad you got what you were after!! Have a happy FRiday sweetie!!


jacqueline! ohmigoodness! the fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! *shrieks again*
may i know where you got that gorgeous bunch of fabrics from? :D
and i'm going through the same issues too - lack of storage space + money. but sometimes, these issues makes it more exciting when it comes to fabric shopping - the perfect fabrics have to be sought before the purchase is made :)


They're all really beautiful, Jacqueline! I know how you feel...I try to stay out of knit shops, as I fall in love with all the yarn! Have a wonderful day :) xoxo


You picked out great fabrics!! I love the buttons fabric!


They are all so pretty! I love the little button packages print :)


I need to go fabric shopping with you sometime. I love what you picked out! My favorites are the shabby chic with the monograms. I love grocery stores too, but my husband does the grocery shopping, so I don't get to go too often.


What great fabric finds! I love the double-sided ones. I'm wondering if I could find any around me...makes me want to go out and buy fabric! Have a fabulous day!


Oooo...these are all so deliciously beautiful, Jacqueline--LOVE then all--LOL! I really like those double-sided prints, how clever. And you know I love shabby chic style too--especially in fabrics. That print that looks like old button packets is so cute. I can't wait to see what you make of all of these...HUGE treats--enjoy! Happy Day, my friend :o)((HUGS))

lisa h.

Pretty! I especially love the floral/check/polka dot stripes and the floral monogram.

I always have a bit of a meltdown when I shop for fabric. I'm so overwhelmed by all the options that I have trouble choosing anything at all.

Gina Kim

My favorite is the last photo....those rich, rich blues are to die for. Your friend Sandy couldn't be more lucky. Can't wait to see what you create for her!


That monogram fabric is too cute!

a Cagey Bee

Ohhhhhh! Great finds!

I wish you could explain the fabric obsession to my boyfriend. Every time he catches me looking at more fabric he's quick to remind me that I already have a cupboard full of fabric that I "still haven't used". Men just don't get it! :)



Thanks so much for sharing your finds with us! They are really sweet just like you! :) I also luurrrve fabric shopping and have a big stash at home! I should share some of my finds too. Have a great weekend!! Wini :)

tamara garvey

Oh-so-cute! I am not even really a fabric person (not a sewer) but those fabrics are beautiful, especially the gingham with little flowers. They are all perfect for your style and colors you like to use, too! I can't wait to see what cuties you make out of your new supplies! Have a super weekend!


So lovely! Great finds, Jacqueline!

Cookie Cutter

I'm feeling like the luckiest gal ever! Thanks so much :) If you will come to Singapore, please come to my wedding! Btw, where do you go fabric shopping? I really wish we had more variety here.


I am loving the fabric here, especially the shabby rose and double sided pieces. Life's little blisses!


Oh, such gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see what you come up with.


totally understand :) my friend and I LOVES going to fabric markets....and when we're lucky, we got good fabrics...and it always makes me happy when I see my fabric(s) in one of those japanese books/magz :) and know that I got them at a bargain here :D

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My favorites are the shabby chic with the monograms. I love grocery stores too, but my husband does the grocery shopping, so I don't get to go too often.

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