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August 18, 2009


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Little Brown Rabbit

I like Bones! He made me smile :)
Have a great day
Em x


So cute! I love the monogram on his back too :)


That is the cutest, non-scary skeleton I've ever seen--LOL! He is soooo sweet and fun, Jacqueline--and love that monogram on his back. You did a wonderful job with him. What's that you show at the bottom photo--little pouch? Happy week, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

lisa h.

Your skeleton (and other projects) turned out great! I love the little puffy heart too.

You're going to be jealous of me because today it's my turn to go shopping for fabric! I'm specifically hunting for pinks and greens, it should be fun :)

Have a great week.


Bones is sweet! Sometimes I think rainy days are the best days...


I love Bones! Very cute =)


I think he's perfect for Halloween indeed and definately a great way to make use of scrap yarn/wool.


Viva Bones!! He does look kinda cute despite everything!! Your weekend sounds good Jacqueline!! I hope yoour week is just as good!!

Baby Enrouge - karla

Bones is a sweetheart. Who wouldn't love that little smile of his! {But I think I'd feed him just to keep him from nibbling on my toes in the middle of the night. You know, just in case . . . : ) }


Well done on finishing Bones! He is really cute and not scary at all, like you say. Love the little heart that shows at the top! Hope you have a great week!


these are the CUTEST!~


What a genius idea to use fabric for a bookmark! It's so cute Jacqueline! Have a lovely eveving and lots of love to you! Hugs!!


Aw, thanks so much for your message! Glad you enjoyed the shop :D your creations here are so adorable!!! So cute it almost does hurt, hehehe.

Keep in touch!~


Bones is so cool. Look like a sweet skeleton. Mika


Love Bones! He's very cute. I miss rain, it never rains here in Austin. Best wishes! Sarah

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The skeleton doll is really so cute.Thanks for sharing!

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He is soooo sweet and fun, Jacqueline--and love that monogram on his back. You did a wonderful job with him.

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