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October 23, 2009


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That bookmark is so cute! :) Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your nice comment on my blog :)


I really love bones! so I'm happy he has a friend now too. Hope you have a super weekend!


Jacqueline, these would be fun gifts for the lil' trick or treaters, no?! Of course, candy would still be in order, but at least a healthy message would come with it;-) Thanks for stopping by this week. Have some fun stuff coming up next week and I'll look forward to yours, too!

Beautiful fall weekend to you!


Sooo sweet... another Bones! :o) Glad you're making time for creating and stitching between all the busy... Same here. We're doing more painting & wallpapering this weekend.. but hope to sneak in some creative time too! Oh, thanks so much for that link to the soup--that's my new fave foodie blog now, I love how the recipes are all vegetarian! Happiest weekend to you, Jacqueline! ((BIG HUGS))


only you could make a skeleton so stinking cute!


That's the cutest skeleton ever! =)
I bet your wedding ring pillow is absolutely lovely!!!

When I mencioned technical books on my blog, I was talking about work books, webdesign ;) I have to read a lot because things are always changing and evoluing ;)

Have a great weekend sweetie!

Dana Barbieri

Very cute skeleton bookmark. Can't wait to see the ring pillow. Have a great weekend!


What an adorable bookmark! xo Did you do the little girl on the back of it with embroidery? It's so detailed and truly sweet! :)

I wish you a very happy weekend my dear friend! Here is raining like crazy so I need to welcome the rain ;)

Hugs and kisses! xo


Hannah looks really cute, congrats on finishing another bookmark! Looking forward to seeing the wedding gifts too. Have fun with the camera this weekend...!!! :)

Enrouge (karla)

This is such an original idea -- who would have thought of it!? I love Hannah -- beautiful name for a little skelly. I think it's perfect.


So cute....please come visit me...I have tagged you. Play only if you wish! xoxxoo

My Owl Barn

That bookmark is so cute. I love the embroidery of the little girl in the back. Good day :)


this is the sweetest! what a great idea!


Sweet little skeleton!


How cute and just a tad scary! You are so very clever to make something so fun! I hope you have had a great weekend! I look forward to see the photos of the wedding pillow you have made!
Hugs from emily xxoo

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Oh, how adorable! I love the heart that comes out on a band too! Perfect!


ahhh now hes a cutie!!! the little girl hannah is just fabulous on the back.
Can't wait to see the wedding ring pillow.
hope you had a lovely weekend!


That's such a cute bookmark idea! And, the little girl on the back is a nice touch!
I can't wait to see the finished ring pillow!


Very cute! I've been experimenting with fabric bookmarks too, but yours are more exciting :)

Cheryl Arkison

That is so cute it hurts!


oh jacqueline! this skelly bones is so perfect for my hannah. can't wait to see him in person. thank you so, so much, he will be dearly cherished!!!


These are really great!

PS Have you ever had a non paying customer on etsy? If you have, what are your suggestions?


Dear Candi, with regards to your question, i have not had any non paying customers. However, it is stated clearly in my shop policy on how i would handle such a situation. I hope this help. :) Love to you!

Rolls-Royce Middle East

The doll looks so cute!!!

Electric cars from middle east

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your nice comment on my blog

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