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October 29, 2009


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Cookie Cutter

Haha, this is so adorable!!

Halloween's picking up here but mainly for party-goers.


Halloween is here, but mainly for kids...and they do go round for treats. There are some parties for adults, but not much. I love Halloween, I miss it from my home country. Congrats to the winners on your sweet treats! Happy Day, Jacqueline :o) ((BIG HUGS))


I just stocked up on candy for the trick-or-treaters we're hoping to see on Saturday. Just have to figure out what to wear for a costume - either a witch or a fairy. Congrats to your winners!


OH my goodness...I can't believe my good fortune today....I just popped over to read your lovely blog before running off to school and am so delighted that I have won your lovely lovley giveaway!!!! A million thanks my dear! You just made my day a very happy one! xoxoxoxxo Our letters will be passing each other in the mail!


Congrats to the winners! Have a happy halloween :)

Dana Barbieri

Jacqueline- You made my day today!! I am so excited to be a winner!!! We have tons of candy here and I am trying to stay away from it all and save it for the trick or treaters tomorrow. Thanks so much for always being such a sweetie!!
Have a great weekend.


Hoorah for Halloween! :)

Gina Kim

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!

donna k

Chloe is adorable! Happy Halloween and enjoy the weekend! :)


Happy Halloween to you and yours! I just love how you do Chloe in various outfits and she looks very festive today! :) Wwwwweeeeeehhhhh!!! I won++++??? Thanks so much!!!
Hugs from Emily xoxo


Yes, we have Halloween to in Australia - but it's not as big as it is in the States... Congrats to those lucky winners!! Have a great weekend Jacqueline!!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Oh how lucky I am to be one of the winners! So excited! Thank you Jacqueline!

And on a side-note, we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Sweden either. For us it's All Saint's Night, and tomorrow All Saint's Day - a more sombre day.

Take care, Jacqueline! Hope you have a great weekend!


Sorry about Halloween there. We are in full swing here at the moment - anticipating little trick-or-treaters. ^.^ Thanks, Jacqueline for visiting my blog while I was away!


Hi Jacqueline, Happy Halloween! Its not a big event down here either. Chloe looks cute all dressed up! Congrats to the winners :)


Also no halloween here in Holland, so I know how you feeling. Didn't know you had a lil vacation planned. It looked so cozy and sunny. Hope you had a great time girl. Mika


congratulations on the winners of those fab spoons!!
how cute is the little halloween man.
I never quite made it out yesterday for halloween. but i did snap a few pumpkin lanterns today. hope you have had a lovely weekend!! x


Hey there, i LOVE those spoons, congrats to all the winners. :-) Here in NYC, Halloween was extremely lively, although the weather put a dampener on some of the festivities. Some great costumes out there, but i had zero trick or treaters to my door. :-( So have lots of candy to eat! have a fabulous week :-)

Enrouge (karla)

What a darling package! That is so cute. Who wouldn't love to receive it as a gift??! Congratulations to the winners of the teaspoons - lucky you!
Happy Monday Jacqueline! Hope your week is off to a great start. : )


Congratulations to the winners!
Have a lovely week Jacqueline!

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz

Hope you Halloween was a good one. I love green tea. I drink it everyday. Powder ginger tea is also really good. I am a big tea lover.
P.S. Congrats! to the winners


Hope you had a lovely halloween!~


when you're ever in the states your welcome to trick-or-treat & carve some pumpkins with us! Have a wonderful week!!


Chloe-pumpkin-head! LOL! :D So funny!

Congratulations to all the winners! :)

Motor show coverages

Chloe is soooo cute!!!:)

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