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October 09, 2009


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Wishing you a happy and productive weekend! Keep smiling! :)

Enrouge (Karla)

Such a lovely line-up of things to look forward to -- I really like how you make lists to share. It feels very happy and real. I hope you have a lovely weekend Jacqueline!


Love the photo! =) Who would think of putting those things (I don't know the name in english :p in portuguese it's "catavento" something like "wind catcher") instead of flowers!! Really pretty and funny :)
... after google it LOL! It's pinwheel, right? :)

I'll have the weekend to be inspired by the lovely book you sent to me!! =) No trouble with instructions! 'An image is worth a thousand words' ;)

Have a great weekend!!! :D

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Hello Jacqueline, what busy creative times you are in! Love the photo and the list of things you're looking forward too and I'm especially curious about that broccoli cheddar soup!



That image is amazing...what fun! Have a fun weekend ...looks like a good one. We are having Canadian Thanksgiving...so looking forward to Turkey and the next day Turkey Pot Pie...oh ya and the most important...Pumpkin Pie and Whipped Cream!


ohhhhh! love love the photo!
you too have a wonderful weekend :)


Hi jacqueline, ive missed so much this week it seems, been rather busy. loving the fantastic new photos great shops!! and youre little giveaway,i missed it :( so pleased its all going well. hope you're having a fab weekend!! xxx


Hi Jacqueline! I loved this photo!! Have a wonderful week,



Broccoli and chedder soup - that sounds amazing! Love the photo you have here - it makes me feel happy looking at it!


Hi Jacqueline, I left you a comment yesterday but I don't see it today, so don't know if it went thru?? Anyway, I love the pic and hope you had a wonderful weekend! Wini :)


wow, what a lovely photo! Hope you had a good weekend :)

Cookie Cutter

Hey this is a lovely photo! Oh, I also have the "problem" of wanting to shop in etsy all the time :p

Electric cars from middle east

Its an amazing photo!!!Thanks for sharing!

New Cars from Middle East

loving the fantastic new photos great shops!! and you r e little giveaway,i missed it

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