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October 16, 2009


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Ohmigosh, these are soooo cute! I just want to say that your cheerful disposition and creativity inspire me a lot and I really appreciate the lovely comments you leave on my blog :)

Have a great weekend!


Yay friday atlast! what a week and what a lovely surprise those spoons are! they look so good, good enough to eat!!
love the piccie with the mug too. great colours.
have a lovely weekend! can't wait to see what youve been up to next week.
anna x


Hi there, wanna say that I also love reading you. You have alway's such kind words for me and I love to read your blog. The Mug and those spoons are great.
We talk soon. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)


These are adorable! I love your cute images today...you always inspire me. Plus your encourage words you leave on my blog always make my heart sing...so thank you!
I love tea...don't drink coffee but love all kinds of tea!!!


Those are so cute! Thanks for always commenting on my blog. :)


oh my! these are the cutest spoons ever!! wow..
my favorite kind of tea is thyme, especially when you put some homemade honey in it:)


WOW!!! Jacqueline! your photo is so so pretty! It's like magazine photos! I love your spoons too! So Parisien!!! I feel guilty if I win again ;) Just kidding!! :))

Have a great weekend my sweet friend! Hugs!! xo


Hi Jacqueline! I'm not entering the competition since we seem to have tons of spoons around here already, but I just wanted to pop by and say a big hello! I'm a tea lover too and drink way too many cups of the stuff every day. Recently I found out that rooibos tea, which I adore, is traditionally drunk with milk...and, yum!, it's so much nicer that way. So that's my tea tip for the day :)

My Owl Barn

Jacqueline, these spoons are super cute. A+ for the pictures. I wish I could shoot like that (with my camera :). I promise to use it everyday, if I win.

Tea recommendation: Lipton Black Tea.

With Love.


Hi, Jacqueline...LOVE that photo of you...it's just sooo, well...so cute it hurts! ;o) LOL! These spoons are sooo sweet too. And so are you for doing another giveaway. Since I just won you last one, you don't have to include me in this round. Just wanted to visit...and wish you a very HAPPY weekend, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Swoons! Those teaspoons really are so cute it hurts! Just like you! Loved reading about your morning routine, some days I feel like I'm fueled by coffe!


aww you're so cute, jacqueline! :) i usually don't get online until late in the afternoon, or evening...as morning, i'm usually taking care of my dog before i get ready to start my own day. :) i'm still new to blogging and blog reading, but lately, i'm making time at least couple evenings a week to check out blogs before bedtime. hope i can do better as time goes by. :) the teaspoons are so cute!! hope they find a loving home soon. *hugs* have a nice day!! xoxo :)


How very adorable they are and you are pretty as can be peeking from behind your giant cup! I hope your weekend has been wonderful! Hugs from Emily xxxxxoooooo

Dana Barbieri

These are so cute!! I love them and my morning coffee. Your picture is so cute. Thanks for the well wishes. I am feeling much better today and my kids are almost there.
Thanks so much. Have a great day!!


these are just so cute! I start my day of rushing around like a loon getting the girls sorted for school but when I get home I flick the switch (on the computer and the kettle) and have my first (strongest) cup of coffee of the day....bliss!

Thanks for such a fab giveaway x

Little Brown Rabbit

Great giveaway! I love my coffee too- we recently bought a Nespresso machine which I'm now addicted to!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Gina Kim

I'd rather sit down and have tea with you as my prize! But this will have to do....Happiness always, sweet Jacqueline. I raise my cup to you.


Those teaspoons are adorable! I didn't want to enter, just leave you a message...
I'm so addicted to coffee, drink it black every day. The best coffee I ever had was Storyville - they ship it as soon as it's roasted - but also brewing any fresh beans in a French press makes it taste extra delicious. I think the whole process just makes it a little more special.
Thanks for the comment at my blog!
I think those giant pumpkins are crazy, I used to live in the city and never saw things like this before. After 10 years "in the country", I'm getting used to it.


i love the very top photo, jacqueline! such a lovely shot :)

i usually have a cup of coffee when reading blogs too :). And your space has always been so delightful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing all the lovely bits and pieces; information and beautiful photos always!


Christina Henslee

Hi Jacqueline, you and your blog are both too cute for words! Your cheeriness always shines through :-) What a great day to start every morning. Have you ever tried rose-flavored green tea? Sounds strange I know, but it's awesome with a little sugar & milk.

Where do you find the time for all your giveaways?? Hope your weekend was wonderful!


ooohhh more lovely tea spoons!!! =)
I love mine :D But I wouldn't be sad if I had one more! lol!

Lovely week to you :D
Nia xoxoxo


Oh how cute! These are just adorable.

Ida @ Tea for Thoughts

Oh I adore your tea spoons! Wow, you are so, so talented!!
My favorite tea is a rhubarb/vanilla tea that my friends from back home (Sweden) send me every now and then. I love the smell of it and it makes me feel all cozy and happy. :)
Have a super great day!!


oh, so lovely. I need my daily dose of coffee and an ocassional tea. My favorite right not is Chai Spice from Stash. - it also comes in Green Tea version, a bit lighter, but still warming with it's flavor. Thank you for your wonderful pictures and delightful blog.

rani Shah

I love these little spoons!!!! How nice to set aside time to peruse the web with these by your side along with coffee! Have you tried Chai Tea (I'm sure you have!) very yummy and aromatic! With my dad and mom visiting from India, I've been getting spoiled with brewed chai tea!

That mug rocks! I need one that big!!! Your pictures and blog pure delight for the senses!!!

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