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October 05, 2009


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Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Jacqueline, love your pictures and your story about generosity! But... what is a PIF? I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't know... *sheepish smile*

Much love!


Ooh, this sounds fun! I do want to try this! :)


I have been seeing more and more of these lately, which is really cool to see all the generosity of fellow crafters. Glad to hear you had such a great birthday and weekend. I adore Marissa's work - how lucky you got a commissioned piece from her!


Congratulations on your birthday, Jacqueline!! You are a PIF inspiration.


Dear Kate, I apologies for not adding a link to the definition of Pay It Forward (PIF), it is a phrase use to imply a constant state of doing good when someone does a good deed for you, instead of paying them back, you pay it forward by doing a good deed for someone else. :)

Marisa and Creative Thursday

What a wonderful idea! I want to play!!


PIFs are such fun...and this was such a lovely post, Jacqueline! I think you'll lave doing a PIF. :o) I'm sorry to be late for all the fun here. I'm not sure I can play along this time...but hopefully next. ;o) LOVE Marisa's artwork--that "Jacquline's Garden" is perfect for you! Happy week, sweet friend ((BIG HUGS))

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

No need to apologise, Jacqueline! And now I see, what a marvellous idea!


Hi Jacqueline, Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful and special day. LOVE the commissioned artwork that Marisa made for you :) What a gorgeous gift you received from Muffin! Such a great idea to host a PIF too. Wow, your loving generosity really touched my heart and made me smile. Wishing you a lovely week! :))

Michelle Schafer

Jacqueline, I'm sorry I missed your Birthday...Happy Belated Birthday! I know you must have had a wonderful and creative special day! Your blog is awesome, so full of life and inspiration! Thanks for visiting me and see you in the Fish Bowl! LOL
Cheers my friend


Hello, Jacqueline. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I love the name of your bubble space - so true! Your PIF posting reminds me that I have to get to mine also, have 7 to finish by the end of the year. yikes.

donna k

What a wonderful idea! I love it and love your beautiful blog...it's a delight to visit! :)

Enrouge (karla)

Hi Jacqueline! Great idea -- I'd like to play, too! : )
p.s. Glad you found my new blog . . . sorry for the confusion!
p.p.s. I love your commissioned painting--lucky you!

rani Shah

Hi Jacqueline!! This is the start of a fantastic thing!!! I'm in and would love to start my a PIF weather I win or not! So off to do some thinking!!!...and creating!!!


What a super cool idea!!

Gina Kim

Happy (belated) birthday, Jacqueline! That painting by Marisa is so YOU! Where are you going to hang it?Huge hugs from me to you...

Tina Burke

Hi Jacqueline! Wanted to drop by and tell you what a pleasure it is to be welcomed online and into your life by you. What a treasure you are!
Marisa's picture is lovely - so full of joy, just like you and your creations!


Jacky, I sent you a tweet this morning when I received your package in my hands!!! My day was really a happy day thanks to you :D
I just posted photos on my blog and spread my happiness! lol!
Thank you sweetie, for the delicate gifts and most of all for your friendship =)

I did a PIF this year, rules a bit different but in the end its the same thing :) I'd love to play with you! Count me in ;)

Big hug to you!!! xoxoxo


Oh, what a sweet idea and what a beautiful package! And what pretty treats as well :)


Hi Jacqueline fishies mate!
I love the idea!
Waht shall i do to be part of it?

Also, i wanted to add that i am doing a giveaway contest on my blog .
I will be honored and happy and if you and all your "followers" to participate!

Have a great week-end!


Happy Late Birthday!!! Sorry I missed it. I did a PIF a few months ago...and I still need to make the items..so will not participate with you. I know your items would be soooooo lovely! xoxoxoxo Happy Weekend and thanks for all your amazingly lovey comments you always leave for me!

Dana Barbieri

Hi Jacqueline. I would to be a part of this! Sounds like fun!


What a great Idea. Happy belated Birthday. My B-day is always in October. Go October!


Lovely lovely gifts!!! Happy Birthday to you dear friend! Sorry that I was late to congratulate you! xo

I would love to be a part of PIF game! YAY!!!

Take care and have a lovely Friday :)


I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! It was so much fun to do as well!

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