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October 27, 2009


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oh, u take such delightful pictures, jacqueline! they are simply gorgeous! im hoping to get a DSLR by the end of the year too - fingers crossed ;)

such a wonderful weekend too! i love the look of those chalets and the thought of lazying by the beach :)

ps: thanks so much for the kind tips on how to cure my cough. i've been trying some of the remedies suggested, and i'm feeling loads better now! :)



Heaven!! Lucky you Jacqueline!! The peacock and those gorgeous houses on stilts - really to me it looks like heaven! I bet you're full f ideas and plenty of enthusiasm for crafting after that rest! Terrific photos - thank you for sharing!


Ooooo...I would love to go there now! :o)It's so cold here where I am... The place looks so warm and inviting. So glad you has a great time in such a beautiful place, Jacqueline! Even a weekend away really recharges the batteries. Thanks so much for share you trip and these wonderful photos. Happy week, dear friend ((BIG HUGS))


That looks like a relaxing weekend :) I really like the pictures that you've taken! Have a great day


Sounds like a wonderful getaway! I love the smell of the sea, so I'm envious. I love your photos, especially the middle ones of the pool and looking down the water in between the villas.


my favorite photos are the top one with the palm and the flare and the lotus pot. what an evocative, restful post!


How wonderful! the peacock! The water lilies! so very neat. The pictures are fantastic.
I have to admit that the picture with the Tobasco sauce makes me giggle. You see, I guess us folks in Texas forget that people all over the world use Tobasco....

donna k

Your trip sounded and looked wonderful....and your photos are great! :)


Jacquline, these pictures are amazing, I'm swooning and wishing I was there right now, such vibrant colours and the pizza looks yummy too. How goes it in the Fish Bowl? I've been away for a little while but all is well now. Have a wonderful week.


Jacqueline, you are a lucky lucky girl, chilling out in such pretty surroundings! Good job you took sunscreen with you , I too get sunburnt in no time :) By the way, the girl in my pics is not humble me, but my beloved little sister Miriam :)

Have a lovely week!



Oh, so jealous! That sounds like a great trip. Lovely photos too - you're a pro :)

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Oh I love your pictures and you seem to have a natural flair for photography! Palm trees... peacocks... what a beautiful world you live in, Jacqueline!

I'm also very happy to hear that you got a weekend to recharge your batteries and in such a beautiful spot too!


I looks like you have been soaking up some sun too! Beautiful, just beautiful.
Sounds like a wonderful get-a-way.

Trishie Koh

Looks so lovely!

exhale. return to center.

all of your photos are lovely but the one of the peacock is my favorite!!!



Tina Burke

Utterly blissful!!! Your photos capture it beautifully!! Don't you just love having a good camera at times like that... Tx

Little Brown Rabbit

Wow! Looks like an amazing place! Glad you had such a lovely time.

x Em


stunning photos, you never fail to come up trumps!!
have a lovely day x


Hi there - Thank you for stopping by! :) Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Your pics are beautiful and I love your blog. Have a great day!! ~ Lori


Wow, what a nice vacation! Good thing you did use the sunscreen, besides burning, it will keep your skin looking nice when you're older!
Great pictures, too.
Thanks for sharing with us on your blog! :)


I'm very jealous! And you are crazy- your pictures came out great!


Looks so relaxing and lovely. And wow at that peacock! Gorgeous!

Enrouge (Karla)

This must be Heaven, right? I can just feel the sand in between my toes, all scratchy and wonderful. Are you supposed to walk on that funky rock path barefoot? It looks like therapy of some sort, but possibly for advanced feet. I hope you got some R&R on your vacation. What a beautiful resort -- thank you for sharing it with us Jacqueline!


Oh wow, looks dreamy! Your photography is gorgeous, they look like postcards!


Dear Karla, yes your supposed to walk on that little stone walkway barefoot. It's a reflexology path, some kinda foot-related therapy but i didn't finish walking the whole path as it was hurting bad! teehee Love to you!

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