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November 26, 2009


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Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Oh, that's lovely, Jacqueline! The bride whose wedding it graces will be a very lucky bride indeed. You have every right to be proud of it.

Enjoy your lazy weekend...


It is DAZZLING, Jacqueline!! It is really something extra special--the fine embroidery and the sweet gathering/tucks on the front are so charming. You did a fantastic work here, my friend... I am in AWE! Sooo beautiful...*sigh*... Enjoy your long weekend... And thank you so much for your kind words to me this week--I not forget. :o) ((HUG))

Business  Improvement

Ohhhhhhh.....That's lovely!!!!!!!!Thanks for sharing this!


Hi Jacqueline, this clutch is absolutely beautiful! And even more so as it is handmade with love. Thank you for sharing your journey here with us. I really enjoy reading about your crafty projects etc! The girl who buys your clutch will be very lucky indeed!! :)


So so lovely...Your clutch is adorable. Your images are amazing. Happy long weekend to you my friend.


So pretty! And have a really wonderful long weekend! Can't wait to see what you craft!


Jacqueline this has such a sweet vintage feel to it and I love the wooden button!It's been awhile since I've stoppped by and as always I'm so happy to visit!

Lots of Love,


Wow! That is so pretty! I love the embellishments! It's nice to see how everything came along :) I like the whole feel and design! What an amazing piece! :)


The wedding clutch is amazing. I can honestly say I do not have your skill or patience do make something gorgeous like this. The detail and effort you put into your projects is just admirable. Enjoy your long weekend!

Katie Stephenson

Wow, this is some first class photography! The clutch is so cute it hurts. Ouch. Beautiful. Good luck!


This is beautiful, Jacqueline! I just want to say, also, that this Thanksgiving YOU and your kindness & generosity are one of the things I'm thankful for. xox


hi jacqueline :) finally able to drop by your blog... thanks for checking in my blog while i was away... got really sick for a month :( but so glad to be well again. :) hope you've been well. :) this wedding clutch is so beautiful! i can just see all the effort and love you've put into making it. any bride would be so lucky to add this to her wedding day! :) hope you had a nice thanksgiving and happy weekend to you, too!! *hug* xoxo :)


It's absolutely beautiful dear Jacqueline! :)

Have a great weekend and ThanksGiving!

Hugs! xo

Dana Barbieri

It is so beautiful! You can tell it was made with lots of love!


So cute, sweet and lovely! You did a fabulous job...wow!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

This really is so cute it hurts!!! Stunning!!! Good luck sewing more!


Way to go perservering through a new project! It looks amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog so much lately, I appreciate your comments so much! :)

Enrouge (karla)

This writing brought a little tear to my eye -- I think this may be my favorite post. It is like you laid your heart down, right there in those photos and in your words. It is all so beautiful from the sentiment, to the beautiful stitches, to the shape and design of your wedding clutch. It is so pretty! It looks like an antique . . something from another era, another world. You can tell from the way you write how much of yourself is in it. That makes it so special and lovely. I hope you will show us more of your sewing and embroidery -- it's inspiring and I love how it links up to the past. Just beautiful.


You did a wonderful job!! It's Beautiful.
I hope you had a super happy Thanksgiving, surrounded by love.

Valarie Budayr

Oh Jacqueline it is fantastic! Yes please keep sewing. You did a wonderful job and I love not only love the purse but that button is so cute. You should feel accomplished and proud of yourself. Great work!

lisa h.

Excellent work, Jacqueline! I'm so impressed! I agree that it's the little "imperfections" that can give a project a lot of character and personality - you know it hasn't rolled off of an assembly line in a factory.

Also - your personalized button is the cutest thing ever!


Beautiful work & I love your sentiments, too. It's so fantastic to be inspired by things that you create with your own hands.


Beautiful clutch. I'm endeavoring into making a clutch, but I already messed up...oh well, practice makes perfect :) Hope you had a great weekend. Much love!


Sooooo lovely!!! So special that you made it too for your pal - I think she will treasure it forever and ever and evere!! I know I would!!


ooo its soo pretty. you really are a very talented lady!! its beautiful. i'm sure any bride would love to be carrying this with them.
have a very happy day x

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