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November 19, 2009


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absolute lovelies everywhere in CottonTime! You are a lucky gal to have it at hand. Please share your inspirations you get from there :) Thanks for all the love, and love back at you! Have a great day and hope all is well.



Wow, what a lovely magazine. The images are fantastic! If only I could read it...hehe!


Such lovely craft ideas and images... I just LOVE Cotton Time! Thank you for sharing, Jacqueline. Since it's not always possible for me to get this fun magazine, seeing you column on it is the closet I get--thanks! Happy Day, sweet friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Cotton Time looks so inspiring and beautiful! I think it's so important to get some inspiration from outside, and although the internet can provide a lot, it's so easy to get lost for hours! A magazine is such a nice source, and I do love tutorials and ideas that are made practical too!

donna k

Oooh....is this a magazine I can get in the states? It looks wonderful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us!! xo-


So pretty! I love this magazine too! So many beautiful ideas :)


What a cute magazine! And what a great way to get your creative spirit going again.

Dana Barbieri

This looks like such a cute magazine!


This magazine looks amazing! Wish we could get it in Canada. Thank you for sharing and the last image is adorable. Thank you for entering my giveaway!


I would love to get hold of some copies of Cotton Time. You can get them on Etsy and Ebay. Maybe I should investigate it again. Thanks for sharing some of the projects. I agree, the pictures makes you want start crafting right away! Hope you have a lovely weekend and feel yourself again soon!

Valarie Budayr

Cotton time looks fantastic. I just love the rheindeer purse. Everything is just lovely. Have a great day and a happy weekend.


Thanks for the great pictures and inspiration.
Wonderful as usual. Enjoy your weekend!


oh wow! what a gorgeous magazine! All this christmas makes me feel warm and fuzzy. So pretty! thanks for sharing!


Lucky you, love these magazines!!! What great Christmas inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing and I hope things are going well. I was sad to hear you'd been feeling down. Happy day to you!
~Emily xxx


I'am so exciting to show you my handmade playground for lil Puck. Post it this week love to hear what you think. Your the best with this projects so let me know. Mika


jacqueline, i'm sorry to hear about your rough time. i know how that goes so i'm sending you happy, good thoughts!


Good to have you back on track... love the photos of Cotton Time. I am lucky enough to get some of them thanks to my sister-in-law who ships from Kora. Thanks for sharing the new issue!


These are all such gorgeous patterns. & your sentiments regarding sewing match mine exactly.


This is such a cute magazine, it looks like it is full of great ideas! I wish that I could read it. I love the last picture with the mom and little girl dressed in such cute outfits! Totally adorable, just like your blog!


Oh Jacky thank you for sharing!! Love the pictures :)
Wonderful ideias =)


ahh how cute!! thanks for sharing :) some of those little projects look fab cant wait to see some of the results.Have a very happy day


that mag looks wonderful!

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Sounds that magazine would be definitely very interesting by the way the pics displayed above in the blog!!!Quite excited to see more inside it!!!Thanks for introducing such a nice magazine!!!

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