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November 24, 2009


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Thank you for sharing Tererai's wonderful story...and your own, Jacqueline! Your writing is very timely for me just now as I think about a dream I've had that I've felt hasn't been working, that maybe it is time for a new dream, a new direction. Not that the dream was bad, wrong, etc. But sometimes dreams don't always turn out as we expect. And that maybe we need to give up so many expectations...and as you say just live the process. I'm planning on posting about the very topic of dreams tomorrow myself. Friends think a like, don't they? ;o) Thank you for this uplifting post, I really needed it! Happy week, dear friend...And thanks for joining in on my gift giveaway fun! ((BIG HUGS))


What a very lovely post! Thanks for sharing an inspiring story. I do agree with you that we need to trust the process, even if sometimes we really face a lot of obstacles and take detours along the way. And though the roads we take are all different, I thank you for being such a great inspiration to me :)

donna k

A beautiful and inspiring story.. Thank you so much for sharing! Continue your dreams, never give up hope, and have faith that all will be as you wish it to be. Have a wonderful day! xo-

Enrouge (karla)

Thank you Jacqueline for this post and for sharing where your heart is. This is such good timing for me to hear this now, too, as I am trying to keep the faith about my work and where I want to go with it. Your words and the story about Tererai are good to hear over and over again because it is easy {for me at least} to forget, and to lose sight of the dream and to feel depressed about it. I am feeling more uplifted now -- I feel more inspired to go and paint what I really want to paint this morning and not worry about the unknowns and the "what ifs". Just keep on reaching toward that shining star!! That's what I'm going to do.
Wishing you a very creative day with lots of hope and fortitude to keep you going Jacqueline! : )

Sandy Rowe

Thanks Jacqueline for stopping by. Have a great holiday week-end. I plan on quilting!! Plus, I am adding you to my blog list.

Valarie Budayr

Isn't her story really something. I too was so inspired. Never give up on your dreams and creating your life just as you want it. Here's wishing you everything good in this life. Have a wonderful day.


Without dreaming, life would be so tiring. We need these bits of aspiration.

On Thanksgiving here in the US, though, I want to take a moment to thank my family and my spiritual guides AND my blogger friends for all the good that is around me right here , right now.

Thanks to all!


What an inspirational story! A perfect Thanksgiving post!


Thank you for the story. I have read about Heifer and meant to have my First Communion class do the charity work through them. The idea of buying chickens and goats to help people step towards their dream appeal to me. I am glad to see that they truly touched a woman's life. Thanks!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Even in times when there are many people who want to make money on our longing for dreams, hope and faith, these people do so, because we desire this! So in our hearts, that can still be pure and TRUE! :)

I've been thinking about this topic too, in my way, and feeling like my everyday life so often fills up with things I feel I need to do, and that aren't really about my dreams. So I started Creative Minutes, to try to make sure that at least a few minutes a day, I am working towards my dreams. You wrote such a wonderful idea in the comments for my post about this! Thank you again for that!

Tererai wrote down her dreams on scraps of paper and pur them in a tin, and reached them one by one... I believe that in small steps, we can get there! And remember to enjoy the journey!

Sorry to rattle on, your post just touched me so deeply!


Hi sweetie, such a lovely post and yes i think many of us are feeling this lately...but listening to other stories and having great support, inspiration and hope from fellow artists is what makes this journey so worthwhile.... if it all came so easily i dont know if we'd enjoy it so much. I have learnt a great deal and meeting many people in this online art world has been so wonderful. Im British celebrating Thanksgiving in the US and I think this is such an appropriate time to reflect on what we have all achieved so far, be thankful and plan our next amazing steps into this creative life.... its all good. :-)

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The woman story has given me so much courage and enthusiasm in life and she is an inspiration for me to achieve whatever i need in life.Hope has no limits it is a driving force in life to get you prepare for any situation in life.Now i have found a new path of passion and desire to move forward in life.


very lovely thoughts to remember. When we look at things in the big picture, it is much easier to get through :)

Gina Kim

Can't add more to what has be already been beautifully said. I am inspired. Happy Thanksgiving from over here in the States, my dear. Blessings to you and your family. Always with love, ~gina


Jacqueline, I have wonderful news for you....you won my giveaway! If you wouldn't mind please emailing me so I can give you instructions on how to download your new software, I'd really appreciate it!!!

Have a wonderful day! Candi

Dana Barbieri

Great and uplifting story. Thank you for always being such a kind and ever present source of inspiration to me!

Cookie Cutter

Thanks for sharing. I think we all get "lost" and disillusioned sometimes, wondering why we are working so hard, what exactly we are chasing after. But it's stories like these that reminds us it's all worth it!

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Wise words.

May all your dreams come true, Jacqueline!

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Its really an inspirational and interesting story!!!!!!!!


i agree with everyone, they've said it all. i wished i could 'favorite' this post :) thank you for sharing your sentiment and this inspiring story. i think alot of us can relate and we really do have to stay focus, stay hopeful, and work hard...but at the same time, we need to give ourselves some break once in awhile, don't be too harsh on ourselves. i'm happy that we're walking this creative path together. :) *big hugs* to you dear! i believe in you and i know you will be at where you want to be some day...soon :)) xoxo


you are a sweetheart! I am a firm believer in many many things, too and REFUSE to become bitter and cynical. Your blog is a haven of sweetness and inspiration, a little bubble online where to be unashamedly hopeful and creative. Thanks goodness for the blogger community and people like you :)



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What a very lovely post! Thanks for sharing an inspiring story. I do agree with you that we need to trust the process, even if sometimes we really face a lot of obstacles and take detours along the way.

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