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November 17, 2009


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Tina Burke

Hi Jacqueline, I'm pleased to hear you're feeling better - and I think having a bad flu can definitely contribute to making a person feel "flat" and glum... and it seems to be a common thing for creative people to go through periods of self-doubt and gloominess. I'm sorry you went through that. Re-visiting the course is a great idea - it's so uplifting - but also remember to read your own lovely comments here from people you have touched along the way. They're a real tribute to you. Look after yourself, and keep up your beautiful work, you're a shining star, xx


Dearest Jacquelie! It must have been a wonderful experience, I'm so happy that now you've found many answers to your questions and I wish you happiness and success throughout your journey. Love and hugs!! xo :)


I'm so happy for you :)
I'm glad to see that the course gave you a new prespective and a great experiencia... just when you were needing it! Perfect timing :D
Have a lovely week sweet friend =)

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That's pretty interesting on hearing about that course!!!Wanna know mire about it!!!Thanks for letting us know about that interesting course!!

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