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November 30, 2009


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Ooo, definitely comfy lounge pants...ahah...I agree entirely! The smock is beautiful...wow, definitely a great accomplishment in learning how to do the smocking - congrats! Can't wait to see you complete it, brava! Have a fabulous day, sweetie!


Oh...it's sooo sweet, Jacqueline! Wow... you did a fantastic job with this little dress... and I just love the fabric! I've not dabbled in smocking in long time. Must revisit sometime...maybe soon! Happy week, my dear friend :o) ((HUGS))

Sandy Rowe

Morning Jacqueline, I wish that I had a granddaughter for your darling dress. In fact, I wish I had a grandchild!!! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I worked on several projects over the long week-end. Check them out.


Wow..you so inspire me. That dress is so adorable. I love smocking as well...your images are so lovely. Happy Week to you.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

What a pretty dress!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

And I love your new banner!


hello - just wanted to thank you for stopping by. Love your blog and your shop! Happy Holidays

Dana Barbieri

This is so sweet. I love little girl dresses and the smocking is great. Great work. Can't wait to see the finished piece.


Simply darling and I adore the stitching around your photos. How cute!


How cute and gorgeous! I love the cloth you used! :)


Oooh...I'm in love with the fabric of the dress ...too cute! By the way, you won my drawing for my bear print. Yay! I just need to know which address to send it to and it's yours :D
Have a wonderful day!!


I love that you think you're a bit dorky! But that's not dorky; that's a passion. Don't confuse the two. I posted a picture of me imitating a turkey today, but that doesn't make me a turkey;-)

Bravo for challenging yourself in the right way so that you feel better, not worse about your abilities.

Happy to be back from Thanksgiving and hanging out on your blog. Warm wishes to you!


Jacqueline! Smocked dresses are every girl's favorite, young and old. :) Your first attempt is excellent and also love the fabric. Have a great day!


Hi Jacqueline, what a cute and adorable dress...well done! I love learning about your crafty adventures. Have a great week!


Love this dress...you are so talented. Will you be selling these? Lori


Oh my goodness Jacqueline, this is GORGEOUS! You should definitely sell them. I have always loved smocked dresses as well and if I had a little girl I'd scoop them up!

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz

Hi Jacqueline
Hope your thanksgiving was a good one. I know you love sewing so I have a surprise for you so stop by my blog and make sure to read the "Giveaway Winner!" posting.

Cookie Cutter

Hi there, that fabric is awfully cute!! And you are sooo good with your sewing. That dress looks perfect :)


You are amazing. Just like that, you try something and it looks so great! And you enjoyed it, too, which makes it perfect.
Thanks for the links, too - I'm going to look those up and that adorable fabric you've used.
Even doing something you love, you manage to encourage and inspire, also - thank you!!


The little sundress looks very sweet and cute. And it is definitely the one and only piece. :)


Such a pretty little dress, and gorgeous photos, I can always count on being inspired when I come here. The way you talk in your blog is so inviting and friendly! I love the thoughts at the end of this post, so true!

donna k

Such a sweet and happy little dress...it has your heart all over it Jacqueline! So so wonderful!
Have a joyful day- xo-

Enrouge (karla)

You are so talented!! Jacqueline this is just lovely {and so cute it hurts, too!}. I was admiring this post back when you posted it and just didn't have time to sit and write in a relaxed enjoyable fashion. I'm so glad to read this post again and be inspired by your sewing. Smocking?? Wow. It looks hard to do, but what a pretty result you achieved. I'm getting inspired to do some sewing, too! But I'm going to keep it simple, like you say, so that I don't get frustrated. : )

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The dress is so cute!!!!Very pretty smocked sundress!!


You made a beautiful piece!! Keep going! You have the touch :D

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