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November 03, 2009


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Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Dear Jacqueline, this is GORGEOUS and the blue monogram is a splendid detail! It's been so much fun to see how your work has developed here on your blog! Congratulations to the bride and groom!

I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, again! I know how it really can get you down and hope you manage to take care of yourself and get well soon! xx


Hi, Jacqueline... oh, but this is just so splendid--all the fine details are just exquisite! Such excellent stitching and creating you've done with this special gift. And I so much enjoyed all the folklore and history behind the meanings. How sorry I an that you are unwell again... Do be taking good care of yourself, rest... and hope the medication will help you. Get well soon, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))


Agree with Tracy - the history is so interesting. I was recently married and did enjoy saying the "something old, something borrowed, something blue"! My blue was in my garter belt . . .shhh!

So sorry you tried to comment on my blog, Jacqueline. It was being redesigned so stop by today and tell me what you think about it. I value your opinion!


It turned out beautiful! I love hearing the meaning behind the bridal saying. When I got married, my "something blue" was actually my wedding dress! Yes, I wore a light blue dress. As soon as I tried it on, I just knew it was "me." Hope you feel better very soon!


I had no idea that there was a last line. Aside from sewing a beautiful pillow, I love the meaningful things you've incorporated into it. You are such a sweet person!


This is absolutely beautiful, I'm sure the bride will be so pleased! I love how you stayed true to the original intent of the saying. Such an accomplishment even though you weren't feeling well.... please take care of yourself & I hope you're all better soon!

Enrouge (Karla)

I'm so sorry you don't feel well -- that is not fun at all. So, get well soon Jacqueline -- lots of naps and fluids and TLC, of course!

Your work is beautiful and so sentimental. I love how you put so much thought and love into it. It is a treasure to be cherished. : )


I hope you feel so much better very soon dear friend. The pillow is absolutely beautiful - elegant craftsmanship and a wonderful keepsake. I 'm sure it will be treasured forever - become a family heirloom perhaps (smile)


How beautiful~what a special keepsake. I'm so sorry you're sick again...that's just icky. Here's hoping you're better soon!!!


What a wonderful keepsake, it┬┤s really special for its meanings. I hope you rest a lot and get well soon, take care , my friend.

Have a blessed and relaxing week,
with love



amazing, amazing, amazing!
ur work is truly exquisite!
and i love how u incorporate such wonderful symbolisms into the ring pillow :)

and i'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well! being sick can be such a damper to everything :( i really hope u get better soon!



Beautiful work! Amazing! Hope you are feeling much, much better. Rest up and enjoy your naps! That sounds good to me..nit the being sick part, but the napping!


ahhh hope you are feeling better very soon...it is really going around our school right now too...15 grade ones away yesterday! My voice is leaving me as well so I am afraid it is my turn. I love that sweet wedding pillow! Take care.

Little Brown Rabbit

Oh dear- hope you are feeling better very soon.

The ring pillow is so lovely. I never know about the last line either!

Thanks for entering my Giveaway :)

x Em

Dana Barbieri

That came so beautiful!! What a great friend you are and I loved reading why did it the way you did. Lovely. I hope you feel well soon.


wow!! I'm in love!!! Your ring pillow is sooooo beautiful... I want to get married!!! LOL!!
Beautiful-beautiful-just-beautiful! =)

Hope you're feeling better!
Big kiss to you :)

exhale. return to center.

sending healing thoughts your way...


What a gorgeous little ring pillow! You are right, we do forget the rest of this old rhyme. I don't think I have ever heard the last bit being quoted! Hope you feel better soon!

Gina Kim

This pillow is heavenly. Truly heavenly. Rapid recovery sweet one, okay?


jacqueline, this is beautiful. and thank you for giving us that last line and an analysis of all the symbols. i've never heard the whole rhyme before, it's lovely.

Cookie Cutter

This is sooooo beautiful! Swoon... You're so thoughtful and sweet to incorporate all the little details. *sings* "I'm going to be the luckiest".

lisa h.

The work you put into this is incredible, Jacqueline. It is stunning! What a special keepsake for the happy couple :)

Take care of yourself - I hope you are feeling better already!


Jacqueline :) I hope you're feeling better soon. I've been meaning to thank you for your advice. I'm in the midst of starting my own website, so I haven't gotten the chance to thank you! I really appreciate your help!!!

I LOVE this pillow. It brings back many memories of the Brazilian embroidery/Ribbon embroidery my grandma used to do. Your pillow is gorgeous!!!

Have a great weekend :)




what lovely delicate work! A pretty momento indeed :)

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