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November 03, 2009


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I hope you don't mind that I mentioned this in a recent blog post & added one of your pictures. Just let me know if it's alright, please!


Oh Jacqueline!!! It's soooo beautiful - you are sooo clever - really it takes my breath away!!! I think your friend will treasure this for ever and ever!! What a lovely gift! Have a lovely week dear Jacqueline!


This is such a beautiful creation. So much thought went into it. I know that it will cherished and passed down from generation to generation. You have captured what handmade is all about.

I have just visited your blog and absolutely love it. I wish you the most success :)

Kindest and warmest wishes to you,


Jacqueline i hope youre felling better soon!!
oh wow look at the ring cushion finished....its absolutely stunning!!! I bet you're very pleased with it i know i would be.
take care of you. lots of rest!!

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Absolutely gorgeous!!!!Have superb creativity!!!Keep rocking in the same way!!


Absolutely gorgeous!!!!Have superb creativity!!!Keep rocking in the same way!!!!

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The wedding pillow is so gorgeous!!!And hope by know you will be alright!!!

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this is lovely. and the blue monogram really sticks out.

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