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November 12, 2009


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Oh, they are so beautiful! And so intricate and lovely. I especially like the yellowy-green pieces!
Sewing is a great way to get out of our low places where we feel awful. My daughter had colic, and she would cry for hours at a time, and I would carry her and pace back and forth through our house. But while I did, I would design quilt blocks in my head, just to get away from it!
I hope you continue to feel better each day!


Very glad you're turning a corner, Jacqueline, slowly but sure, things come in time. Being still, listening, letting go and letting love flow are great for healing. As is crafting--LOL! Your quilt blocks are BEAUTIFUL! I love all the pink. ;o) I'm hoping next year to do a little more quilting... So much fabric, so little time--LOL! Happy Days, my friend. Be taking good care... ((BIG HUGS))


What lovely colour combinations! These are gorgeous! Can't wait to see it done!

Sending lots of love and sunshine your way!


That's great news that you are starting to feel better all the way around! Your quilt blocks are so pretty! I love the colors, and the variety of really cute blocks


Thank you for your very cheerful comments on my blog Jacqueline! I wish you health that gets better & better and a day that's as colorful as this lovely quilt!


ahhh wow these are just absolutely stunning!!!
i just love the colours and the freshness of them all. I cant wait o see it all completed :)
hope you are slowly getting back to top form and your cheery self!
Thanks for all my lovely comments it always brightens my day!!


Jacqueline I LOVE this color combination! It would make me smile on even the dreariest winter days. Glad you a feeling better!

Valarie Budayr

So glad to hear you've ventured out again. Keep feeling better. The quilt blocks are beautiful. They are so intricate and I love the colors. Best wishes for a great day.


Beautiful blankie. Awh, being sick really takes a toll on people. I'm trying to get over my nasty flu, that circulated in our household. Adorable shop too!


So glad to hear you are feeling better...phew...I know what a long haul it has been...I still am not 100%. I love the colours you have picked for your quilt blocks ...so pretty.

little room la

oh wow~ this inspires me to go make some quilts this holiday season! ;D

Dana Barbieri

These are beautiful. Pieces are so small... wow, I admire all who can quilt.


Jacqueline, I hope you'll be fighting fit soon. Sending healing wishes your way. "Sewing & scheming" - what a fun cure!! Your quilting project looks fantastic... love the design and colours!! So inspiring. please take care!!

Trishie Koh

Looks great! I love the pretty fabrics you used.


Oh how pretty, I love quilts, there are so many options for creativity within them! I have always wanted to learn how to make them. The colors that you are using are so soft and cozy.

elaine t

Hi Jacqueline, I just found your blog and totally love your sewing! Your blocks are so pretty and very inspiring. I would like to ask a favour from you if possible - would you be able to tell me where I can find fabric/quilting shops in KL or Klang area? I visit these two places often, but could never find any fabric shops. Thank you so much for your help!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Jacqueline, I'm so glad to hear that you're getting better. Sometimes it takes time, our bodies and souls take the time they need when we don't give it to them...

Your quilting blocks are sensational! The colour palette so pleasing to the eye, spectacular! I've been looking at your images (did you use your new camera for the shots?), for almost quarter of an hour, scrolling up and down, letting my eyes take delight in your outstanding work!

Much love, and take care!


wow...i am always in awe of quilts. these blocks are amazing. And Im glad to hear you're feeling better and working through things....we've all had to work through things like that, I know I have. Im so happy to hear you're feeling better :)


Hi Jacqueline,

I haven't visited your blog in a while, and I'm so glad I'm back. I love to look at the most beautiful projects of your, and read about what's happening in your life. I feel very familiar with many of your thoughts, so I wish you strength and tons of positive energy.

Hugs always,



So good to hear you're on the up! These are delightful pieces you've been working on! I love your choices of colours! Have a lovely weekend and continue that upward climb m'dear!


Dear elaine, here are a few places i often visits to shop for fabric/quilting items in this city of britherly love {KL} :
2. Bangsar
3. Chinatown
4. Indian town

As for Klang area…i am sorry i can’t suggest any places as i am not familer with Klang area.

I hope the above information helps. I am planning and still in planning stage about having a new column here on my bubble space : “My top 5 fabric/craft shops in this city of brotherly love". I am not sure if its a good column to share but i am working on it.

Love to you!


Dear sweet Kate, yes i am using my new slr camera to take pictures for my blog entries incuding the quilting blocks! :)

I am still learning and trying to improve. :) Love to you!


Thanks Jacqueline for sharing your love for maps. OH, yes maps are lovely. Hope you have a great weekend!

Cookie Cutter

Hi there, so glad to hear you're feeling better. You're amazing though! I can't imagine being not in the pink of health and yet still be able to sew such a beautiful blanket!


jacqueline! you're so awesome!
i lvoe love your WIP :)

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