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December 15, 2009


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Jacqueline, you ´ve been working ( sewing) a lot! I also do love making my own bias tape because of the same reason, the fabric options are immense in our own studio since you can use little pieces and it´s fantastic when you use three or four together, with colors that combine themselves, have you tried it?
Your pink dotted bias tape is so cute!
Have a wonderful week!


Great job in exploring...love what you said about no matter what medium, exploring something new will always inspire and enhance - so true! Your work is also so delicate and cute...love it! Also, making your own bias tape is better as you can matching your work perfectly.


When you really think about it, the sewing world is huge, with endless possibilities! That's why it's so grand and wonderful! I agree with you in making custom bias tape. The selection at the store is so small, and you can bring even more pizzazz to your project with your own fabric choices.

Gina Kim

This is very special! I LOVED what you said: no matter what your medium of choice is, the exploration into something new will always inspires and enhances your favorite creative style.



Just lovely! Once again, thank you for inspiring me to create! I will make sure to let you know when I start on my new adventure of crafting! To me the more unique something is the better it is, craft or creation!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Don't you just love bias tapes?!! It's a bit fiddly to make one's own bias tapes, but very worth the effort as the options are endless. Your special new clutch bags sound wonderful--and fun to see this little peek of what you have progress--very exciting to see what's next! In the world of crafting, which is HUGE, sewing is definitely a world unto itself and with so much to explore. Have fun in your explorations, Jacqueline! Thank you so much for your lovely comments at my place yesterday. I hope to stop by again here before we leave for our trip this weekend. Happy Days, dear friend :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))


ooh, this little pouch does look like something special, I can't wait to see where you are going with this! I really like the simplicity of the black embroidery on white with the touch of pink-polka-dots around the edge. What a great touch. xo

Mousy Brown

Your sewing is so exqisite - truely beautiful and the bias is gorgeous! I have never made my own but I am definately inspired now - Glad you are feeling better - hope you day is filled with happiness - big hugs xxx

lisa h.

Very Sweet! I love the new design.

I agree with you about bias tape, the pre-made tapes in the stores are a little dull and never a perfect match.

And it's really not all that hard to make your own tape. Once you learn how, your options are without limit!

Can't wait to see your shop updates in the new year!

Cheryl Arkison

It is so true, that trying something new is a way to nurture your creativity. That is one of the reasons I hate to think that I have a style when it comes to my work.

Dana Barbieri

This looks so pretty Jacqueline! I love the embroidery and the bias tape is great!! You are very talented. I only wish I knew how to sew! Can't wait for the update in the new year.
Also, I received my teaspoon and it so pretty! Thanks for including the green tea! I can't wait to sit down and enjoy a nice hot cup! Thanks for sending it all the way here!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

How fun to be in an experimental phase! Trying new things and learning! And your photos are so beautiful!, I bet you're happy with your new camera!


Never knew what bias tape was before reading this post. guess you do learn something new everyday!


Oh, your new project is so delightful! I long to see more of it... I think making your own bias tape is a great idea. Your options are endless!


I really appreciate how you never stop with the status quo, that you always want to take your craft to newer, more personal levels.

How do you make your own bias tape, may I ask?


I love the polka dot bias tape! And that embroidery too, lovely. Love what you said about exploration into something new will inspire your favored medium. I so agree!


Oh my goodness..these are amazingly sweet.

I just wanted to thank you for your caring words that you left on my blog the other day...we so miss our Rosie but your love has helped me so so much to carry on. Thank you my dear friend. xoxoxo

Cookie Cutter

Hey Jacqueline! Just wanted to let you know I've received your gift and am so smitten I blogged about it today :)


Dear Lydia, i could try to make a tutorial for you on how i made my own bias tape and post it here on my bubble space...if you would like that? :) It’s really simple and i will try to photography my steps. Love to you!

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz

I always love to add my personal touch to my designs. So happy to see someone feels the same way.

elaine t

I'm always in awe with your sewing skills Jacqueline! The pouch is gorgeous!! You know, I'm really happy I found your blogsite - so much inspiration here, have to thank you for that. :)
Merry Christmas!


Your sewing is so delicate and pretty Jacqueline - you are very talented!! Thank you for sharing!!


I love the combo of pattern and colors and texture!


Oh YES for the tuto for making your own biais!!!!

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