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December 03, 2009


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Sooo sweet, Jacqueline! It's that "little extra" that always makes a difference... Your presentations here are marvelous and so pretty and cheerful--can't help but smile over all these! Happy Day, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))


Wow, the packaging looks darn cute and fantastic! I would totally whip out my camera for that...very thoughtful of you to research into that part...because it's true that when you receive something in the mail - it's that first impression. All the best to you!


What fun! I love checking out packaging too. Sometimes I take pictures of cool packaging on things I ordered online. I love the stamps and ribbons you have prepared.

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A good and attractive packaging always grab the customer and force him to buy a product.When sending a gift to someone creative packaging
really make a difference.


I must say your packaging is adorable. I am a big fan of lovely packaging myself. I sometimes will buy a product just because it looks so pretty all packaged up...bring it home and leave it on my table to look at in the packaging for a few days! Thanks for all your wonderful comments you leave on my blog my friend..you are my encourager!

Little Brown Rabbit

Wow! Great packaging! It all looks so lovely- people will be so delighted when they receive your packages!


So adorable! Sometimes I think I get more excited with how beautifully wrapped a present/package is than the object itself. Thanks for sharing these ideas for the holiday season!

Valarie Budayr

The packaging is looking so cute till it hurts. How fun is that? I agree with , I just love to get little packages. I'll remember this post the next time I need to wrap a lovely little package. Thanks for inspiring us. Have a great week.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Oh, you've done it again, it's so cute it hurts! And yes, packaging does so much! It can be half the present! Thank you for all these lovely ideas!


Jacqueline, these packages are so awesome. I love the stamps and wooden tags especially.I've been thinking about packaging ideas too and yours are so inspiring.


Wow wonderfully done Jacqueline. Packaging, wrapping and presentation mean so much and also show the care, consideration and love that's gone into something... these are fabulous ideas, thank you for sharing you lovely lady. :-)


Packaging is always fun...thanks for the reminder to sellers or even when delivering gitty treats!

Enrouge (karla)

What lovelies you have in your studio Jacqueline! All those pretty ribbons and bags -- and I adore your stamps with your logo. How darling! I think it is true what you say about having your heart in it and everything comes together. I know that experience! Especially I know it the other way, too, when you are not feeling like doing it and you try and it's all wrong. I can feel the joy in your work from start to finish -- I appreciate that so much. Plus, something in those photos looks familiar!! I can't wait to get my little elephant cozies! My teacup is trying to be patient . . . : )


These are wonderful! You have such great ideas. Oh and the stamps are adorable! Love & hugs ~ Lori


So lovely - you're getting a really nice vibe going with your shop now! :) Have a lovely weekend!!


A well wrapped package definitely makes the gift inside that much better! Such pretty colors in your photos and the stamps, tags and ribbon with your logo are so great, I'm impressed. I saw your button for Marisa's new e-course "together", are you taking it in January?! I will be taking it with my husband, so we'll be classmates again! xo

elaine t

I'm big on packaging too - makes all the difference doesn't it? Your packaging is so beautiful - I am just awful with packaging so you've definitely taught me something here. :)
And I love your stamps too!! Awesome!!


I love your stamps and ribbons. Where did you have your stamps and tags made? Those are great.
I was just thinking of this, this week, too. I am planning on baking things to give out, and realize that the tags and labels that accompany a gift are just as special. Thanks for the inspiration and folded-corners, tip. Wrapping is my weakness.


You are such a creative and talented artist, Jacqueline! I love all your packaging kit and your stamps and tags are lovely! Wrapping is so important and it really makes the difference.
Have a wonderful weekend ! with much love, Mina

Trishie Koh

Loving all the photos, i totally agree, packaging is so important, i love making all my gifts look pretty!

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz

Wow! I love the new packaging. So creative. The stamp and labels are so cute too.

P.S. you should get the fabric in 2-4weeks the latest.

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WOw...The packing is so creative!!!Its actually a powerful package!!!!Keep going with tones of these creativity!!!!


OMG, love your stuff.


i love them all! i must say my favorite is the wooden [looks like it could be leather too] tags! lovely...

Dana Barbieri

Just lovely!! I love them all. Love the ribbons, your stamped bags, your little tags. Are they wood or leather? What lucky people to get a lovely package from you!

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