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December 03, 2009


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These are just lovely! They're so cute! What great ideas you've come up with!


My experience in fine art, working in galleries and for corporate art collections helps me think about wrapping a different way. Like the frame that goes around the art, you want to be sensitive to what is inside your package.

Does your paper showcase the gift inside in the best way that it can. Does it overshadow the gift, which it shouldn't?

J, nice cute things that do hurt!;-)


Dear Faith, yes i will be taking Marisa's ecourse in Jan...yipee so happy to be classmates with you again! *hugz*

Dear Dana, they are wood. :)

Thank you so much everyone for sharing your bits and ideas on packaging with me!

Love to all of you!

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Sooo cute!It hurts!!!!


Hi Jacqueline I agree with everyone else that your new creative packaging ideas are so cute it hurts! Love the ribbons and bows and stamps!! Beautifully wrapped gifts are such a treat. Love your photos too. Great to see you using your new camera to such fantastic effect!


Oh, I'm in love! Lovely packaging, Jacqueline! Many inspiring ideas. Wrapping presents is absolutely my favorite thing about gifts, right after being able to give something nice and seeing the person open it with a smile!


I love wrapping gifts, especially at Christmas time =) A few days ago I went to see the ideas in Martha Stewart website also! lol!! :D
Your stamps are the cutest thing ever! :)

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Thank you so much everyone for sharing your bits and ideas on packaging with me!

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