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December 11, 2009


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Kate England | Marmalade Moon

What a beautiful monogram! So elegant! I loved reading about monograms too, and seeing some of your inspirations!

Our Swedish crown princess Victoria and Daniel Westling are going to get married next year and just the other day the Royal Court announced the couple's monogram. I thought perhaps you'd be interested. Here is the link: http://theroyaltwist.com/new-monogram-for-victoria-daniel/


I also have a fascination with monograms. They have such a lovely romantic, mysterious quality about them. Your hand embroidery is absolutely gorgeous!


Oh wow! Beautiful monograms...you are so right to say it's romantic! It totally makes me think of Victorian days, love letters and such. So nice! Your hand embroidery is amazing btw...I can't even imagine doing something so delicate and cute!


Just beautiful!! Oh...to have your talent!! xoxo


I can't think of anything prettier right now than that blue and white monogram. What a lovely touch to add to a garment or linen or hanky. That monogram book looks like a beautiful resource!


Great idea!!it's beautiful!


Such exquisite work, Jacqueline...your monogramming is so lovely! I've always been very interested in initials, monogramming and the history and uses behind such markings. I'm getting used to some of the monogramming and embroidery features on my newer sewing machine...it's fun to see the machine at work and then suddenly a beautifully rendered letter/detail! But I also love to do monogramming by embroidering by hand--very organic and satisfying. Wonderful, my friend...and that book looks very good for inspiration. Happy Weekend! ((LOVE & HUGS))


this is really beautifully done. i wish i had the talent to learn and make something as wonderful. i love your delicate and gorgeous work.


Oh I could have everything monogramed.....so so lovely. Your images are amazing once again my friend. Guess what we got a wee bit of snow today...and more is coming our way..I would love to send some your way is I could. xoxoxo

Valarie Budayr

What beautiful work you have done. Thank you for sharing what inspires you. Monograming by hand has become a lost art but not for long with your lovely hands at work.
I hope you are having a great week with much crafting. Sorry about the snow. I'll wish some for you.


so true about monograms. lots of pretty blues i see + i love blue! have a great weekend...

Enrouge (Karla)

Letters are mystifying and beautiful, aren't they? I wasn't thinking about that lately, but reading your post has made me aware again of how wonderful monograms can be. I also hadn't thought of the history of monogramming, but I'm sure it goes very far back into history. Plus there is the romantic notion to it . . . a gentleman offering his handkerchief to a woman {maybe his lover} . . . it might have just one of his initials on it. . . later, she holds it to her heart and thinks of him.
I'm glad you told us more about monograms, Jacqueline. It's a beautiful art--with all the ages wrapped up in it. I can see why you would be drawn to it. : )


These are so beautiful! I love what you wrote as well. I think it is such a wonderful art form!


So gorgeous! I love how intiricate they all are!Monogrammed items always make for a lovely present!


Oh how pretty, lovely monogram. Is it hard to catch on to the technique. I'd like to try one day. Great work! Have a great rest of the weekend. Much love :)

Eliza Tobin

beautiful monograms! I had never really thought about them before...I love it when someone helps me to see beauty in things that I hadn't before noticed, which you have definatly done here. I love your pictures too...they really capture the small details and draw you in. Thanks for sharing this work with us!

Cookie Cutter

I have mine sewn on the loveliest pillow *grin*. Thanks a million, Jacqueline! It's more than perfect and I get a pouch too?! You really are so sweet :)


I think monograms are fantastic, so old fashioned, but in a good way.


Jacqueline, I'm a total sucker for anything personalized. Most gifts I give have an initial, a monogram, a picture of the recipient on it.

The hubby just got me a sewing machine and I am so frightened by it. It seems complex to even set up. I got all these types of feet, things for quilting, etc. I need you here!

Do you embroider using an embroidery hoop on the sewing machine too?

Gina Kim

Jacqueline, your work just blows me away! Tradition is a very good thing.

BTW, thank you again for my blog giveaway. Got it this weekend and shared about it here


I'm a fan of personalized gifts! Definitely! :)
And monograms are one of the most special details =)

Don't be jealous! It's not snowing here... yet :p
But it's terrible cooo--old, near 0┬║C and tomorrow will be negatives!!! I want summer back!! :)


Dear Lydia, i always embroider using an embroidery hoop...i love hand emboidery tho it does take a longer time than the machine. Love to you!


These are gorgeous Jacqueline!! Simply beautiful and so classic, that is what how I have always loved about monograms that they seem to defy time and always be in style. And things like that become something to hand down to your children!


I agree, I just love monograms. So timeless and beautiful!

lisa mertins

jacqueline, your artistry is lovely! the monograms are just stunning...i'm going to think up a place i'd like to have one so you can fashion a monogram for me :)


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