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January 19, 2010


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Very Nice Tutorial!
Keep delivering such Detail, you do a Great Job there! :D

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Congratulations on your first tutorial, Jacqueline! Nice, clear pictures....and I love your flower-headed pins!


Oooh you talent sweet one...I love it! Good job. Now if I could only sew! xoxox


Wow! How cool is this!! I'm not very good at sewing - but I totally appreciate the neatness of this tutorial!!


Thanks! I did some sewing today with my mother in law, I made some aprons, I really liked how they turned out. I am posting a pic of them later so you can check them out!! Thanks for the Birthday wishes, you are so sweet!! I had a wonderful one!!


oh I need to buy a rotary cutter!!
Thank you for the tutorial!! :)

Enrouge (karla)

Thank you for the tutorial Jacqueline. I really didn't understand bias tape very well, but now I think I understand a little better. Is this what you would use to hem a skirt also? I think your idea of making bias tape out of different prints and fun colors is terrific. I've only seen very plain ordinary colors in the store. I think it looks so much more interesting to have a fun print as edging like you showed in your tutorial. Maybe you are on to something?!

Enrouge (karla)

p.s. Your photos are superb! Your tutorial is so professional!


So cute! :) Makes me want to learn how to use the sewing machine.


Thanks for the great instructions!! I wish my machine wasn't broken! I need to get a new one I think. :)

kim hicks

Great pictures for your tutorial and clear instructions. I love your fabrics. The yellow polk a dot reminded me of a piece my mom had sewn for me years ago. Great memories:)
I enjoyed our class today...


How brilliant! Thank you so very much for sharing your delightful secrets with us!


Wow...I wish I could do that! Thanks for sharing!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

How clever you are! And what a great tutorial! I love the fabrics you are using and the photos beautifully capture your fabulous work!

Valarie Budayr

This is so cute and the tutorial is fabulous. I've never made my own bias tape but I will give it try now that you've made it look so easy.
Take care friend and have a great day.


Very well done tutorial, I am so impressed! Your photos are lovely and you captured every step and made it so clear. I did not understand bias tape before this! I really love the combination of your yellow dotted fabric with the black embroidery on white cloth, sooo inspiring! Can't wait to see what your finished product will look like! xo


Interesting tutorial! I felt like I was sitting through the 'actual' session with you. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you.


This is a wonderful, Jacqueline! You've created such excellent tutorial... very good photos and simple, easy instruction. And gives us confidence to give it a try. I've been sewing a long time, but doing the bias takes time and patience still, I think. Thank you! :o) Happy Day, my friend ((BIG HUGS))


WOW!! What a fantastic tutorial Jacquleine! I loved it! I never knew that something like "rotary cutter" can cut fabric too! I guess mom my will get so happy if I buy her one! And of course with the cutting mat ;)

Thank you for sharing your lovely tutorial with us!

Big hugs!! xo


Gah! I love your tutorials. So pretty and detailed.


hej thanks for your comment...lovley tutorial...and a great instruction...and your life story is very exciting...thanks for commenting and sharing...;)...a big hug



lisa h.

Yay, congratulations on your first tutorial! The photos are great and the instructions are easy to follow -- win!

I've never made bias tape without the special gadget you mentioned, although I did make the binding for my quilt sort of the way you did...except I didn't cut on the 45 degree angle because the quilt has no curves ;).

It's so great to be able to make any kind of tape you want; the shops have such a limited range of styles.

(and the embroidery on your pouch? pocket? bib? is so cute!)


Jacqueline, thanks for sharing your tutorial. This is the simplest, and prettiest, tutorial for making bias tape I have ever seen! I always admire your extremely neat work! Now, when you have time for more tutorials, I would love to see you share some neat finishing techniques. I still battle with the metered corners, so that would be great to see too! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Makes me want to work on my sewing skills to try it out. Thanks for sharing.


I agree with everyone here - what a great tutorial! Clear concise instructions and fantastic photos ... lovely. This post must have taken you some time to put together! Allison xx

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