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January 02, 2010


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It sounds like a great list of goals!! I agree making goals is better than resolutions, those I am bound to break! I always love hearing from you, thanks for always leaving me a kind and encouraging word! Have a wonderful 2010, I hope that all of your goals are reached! I can't wait to see those quilts! (0:


Happy New Year to you and yours too. May you and everyone be blessed with Love, Joy and Peace.


WOW!! How wonderful Jacqueline! I love your resolution for the new year! So inspiring! Makes me wanna do the same thing! I loved the very simple ones, like "Smile at strangers". Because these little things make a big difference in our lives. When you make someone happy, you'll be happier yourself.

Oh, and the photos are fantastic! You look so pretty and the place your walking is so beautiful!

Wish you a great year dear friend! Full of happiness and success and great dreams :) xoxo



Hi! I am just catching up on all of your holiday posts, it sounds and looks like you had a truly wonderful time! Happy New Year!! Your list for 2010 sounds just wonderful, and all of those things are do-able...little things to fill your life with more abundance. great! Where are you with the snow, did you go on a trip over the holidays?? Blessings to you for the year ahead! xo Faith


Welcome back my friend. I love your list. I have given up on making list for myself...I never seem to follow through. Wishing you many many blessings for 2010!

Mousy Brown

What a lovely list of things to do - I hope they bring you and all those around you lots of joy in 2010 xxx


One of my best moments in 2009: finding your blog and meeting you :)
I wish you a year full of joy, happiness, many many laughs, much success!! Have a great 2010 :D
big hug to you!!!!!

lisa h.

Happy New Year, Jacqueline!

That's quite an impressive list of goals - you're very ambitious, that's good!

best of luck to you in 2010 :)


Happy New Year to You.
All the best for all your goals!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Hope you enjoyed your break! You've got a great list of goals for the New Year!


Glad to hear you had a blast! :) Better things are coming for you this year! :) Stay happy! :)

Little Brown Rabbit

Happy New Year!! Wishing you a very happy and exciting 2010!


Have a good one this year girl!
Love reading you. Mika

Valarie Budayr

Hi Jacqueline. Happy New Year. Wishing you a wonderful year. big hugs.


What a great list! I think baking should be a top priority. Then, you should send me all the goodies;-)

Welcome to the New Year, J!


Cry, that's the one that caught my eye. I think it could very well be a goal for me too. Happy New Year! It is very nice to see you pictured on your own blog in this post. =)

Gina Kim

I like take naps :) Have a happy new & restful year! To us both!!!


Hello Jacqueline!
Belle annee to you!
Impressive list of new year's resolution!
I still need to do mine!!!
But among them will be Creating more ( Etsy, baby!! )
When you say "bake" more is it cakes & cookies or bread???
Santa brought me a bread machine ( he is excellent at lip reading ;-) but I m still learning !!!

A bientot,

have a beautiful first week of the new year!!


Happy New Year to you! those are some great resolutions! I'd love to make a quilt too...maybe 2012??? hehe...


Happy New Year to you too!


Happy 2010 to you too!
And that is one awesome list of goals! I see many of the things I want to achieve on that list too :)



Hi, Jacqueline! Happy New Year! Great to be back from our trip and catching up with you here... Feeling jet-lagged and heart-fuzzy after a sweet Christmas, good to be home and back in blogland! Your goals for the New Year inspire! I plan this weekend to write at my place about goals and what's new too. Creativity is very high on the list! ;o) Looking forward to sharing another year with you, dear friend. Wishing you & yours all the very best of love, peace & joy in 2010! ((BIG HUGS))


Wonderful goals Jacqueline! I'm hoping to take more e-courses as well this year. I know I've made so many wonderful friends from BYW-yourself included!


hello Jacqueline! loved reading about your goals as i am making mine. it was a pleasure to find your blog and get to know you and many of your visitors in 2009. i have a feeling that you will accomplish all you set out to do. thanks a bunch for visiting my blog with your sweet words!


Dear Jacqueline, I hope you enjoy every little moments of your New Year and do share with us your crafting, inspiring moments with us! Happy New Year!!!

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