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January 29, 2010


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I especially love those polka dot ruffles! I've never seen an adorable selection. Lucky you! Enjoy your time with your visitors.


Isn't that funny how we see where we live a lot more when there's guests involved? haha The incentive really gets you out there! =) Have fun!

Enrouge (karla)

Oooh, how fun -- you have visitors and sightseeing?? I hope you have a lovely time! Your ruffles and ginghams are so pretty. I have a thing for ruffles, too. I never grew out of them I guess. They remind me of summer dresses. All girly and feminine.
Well, have fun exploring with your guests! And see you in class!


Oh, I'm a ruffles, dots and gingham lover too! Love all of these fun trims! Have a fun weekend!


gosh, they look so yummy! there's nothing better than a fresh batch of cutsy ribbons.
I can't wait to see what you'll do with them.
Have a great weekend with the visitors.


I just love the photos you take, you make something as simple as ruffles and ribbon look amazing! Your posts are always so colorful and cheery! Have a good time with your visitors and have a wonderful weekend!! Lots of love to you as well!


I love them all, too!

Cookie Cutter

Love these patterned fabrics! Hope you have a great weekend with your visitors!


Oh sweet friend...my passion too..dots and ginghams...nothing gets any sweeter than those two things. Happy long weekend...xoxo


I also adore dots and gingham, especially in pink! I store mine in clear plastic thread containers with little compartments. This way I can open the lid and see all my trims at a glance. It also keeps them dust-free and the moths away. I use the little cardboard cards (used for thread) to roll them up. You can get some great storage ideas by looking through photos on Flickr, or the Martha Stewart and BHG websites too. This is where I get lots of inspiration from. Have a great weekend with your visitors!


I'm also slightly obsessed with dots and gingham prints! :) The assortment you have is just gorgeous!

Space is a major problem for me too, please share some ideas!

Have a wonderful + fun weekend! :)

Mousy Brown

Thank you for sharing all that lovliness - hope your weekend is wonderful! xxx


I can see why you weren't able to resist those loveliness. Even as a guy, I find them nice too. It seems that your creativity is flowing very smoothly.

Wishing you a lovely merry happy weekend! Love to you.


Oooo...sooo lovely, Jacqueline! I, too, just love trims--especially pretty ginghams, ruffles, rickrack, polka-dots...any trim really--LOL! Space and storage are always big issues aren't they? Just this week I've been re-organizing my work room to make it better, easier and prettier to work in. For trims I keep many wound around pieces of cardboard in baskets or plastic compartmented boxes. The plastic boxes aren't pretty, but they do they job. Can't wait to see what you do with some of these trims... Enjoy your long weekend, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))


I'm with everyone else, and as always, love your pictures. Enjoy your weekend with your friend and have fun! Hugs, ~lori


Those ribbons are so pretty =)
I'm waiting to see your tea tags.. curious! :) lol!
Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend! :D
Big hug!


Yes ruffles are the best! i wish i can implement ruffles in everything but then it would look too redundant for me :)


WOW!! They are so pretty Jacqueline! I think you have every reason not to be able to get enough of them ;) I understand your crafty feelings! Hugs!!

I hope you have a great time with your visitors in beautiful Kuala Lumpur! I need to visit it one day! And we may visit too! You never know xoxo :)


Ooo...who doesn't love ruffles, dots and ginghams! Beautiful photos!


Love the polka, have fun this weekend. Mika

Ingrid - London UK

Adorable ruffles and polkadots! See you on BYW!

Dana Barbieri

I also love dots and gingham. Hope your weekend was great!


Pretty ruffles :-)


I think your blog is adorable! I'm a fellow student from blogging your way...just thought I'd drop in and say hello.


Lovely Lovely! Hope your had a wonderful weekend with your visitors. :-)

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