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January 07, 2010


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I've been sleeping in later that usual too! =) Happy New Year!


Those are too cute, the colors are so vibrant! You have a Birthday this month as well? Mine is the 18th, I will be 33 this year! You should treat yourself and get what you want for your birthday, I did! I am trying to stay warm here in Missouri, but not having much luck with it, more snow today and tomorrow for us! Take care and "talk" with you soon!


Gina Kim

That's some precious loot you've got there! I can imagine the pretty things you will store in those cute storage boxes. A lovely way to organize!

Dana Barbieri

Hi Jacqueline! Glad you treated yourself! Very cute stuff. What day is your birthday? Mine is the 20th.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

These bags and prints are gorgeous! I love the dreamy, soft and almost surreal feel of them!

Sandy Rowe

Happy Birthday! We always buy ourselves the best presents! Enjoy!


J, I just had a little chuckle as I thought about sending my big, burly husband off to work with that lunch box. I make his humble sandwich everyday (hey, I got to make sure he eats right) and think he would die if I slipped him that lunch pail.

Enjoy your booty! xoooooox


Hello again! Thank you for all your comments at my blog.

How do you find pictures like this thrifting? Fantastic find.

By the way, I gave you [another] a blog award here -

I like your relaxed attitude about post-holiday, good idea to take it easy.

Valarie Budayr

Your favorite things are fantastic. Those cute little suitcases are to die for. I really like Nicoletta Ceccoli too. Her work is just wonderful. Have you seen any of the stories she has illustrated. Really a treat. Have a great day.


what pretty bright colors! Puts me in the mood for spring :)


I do love the fairytale look of these illustrations! So dreamy and fun. What a great way to celebrate your birthday!


I love how you get yourself birthday treats! Yay!

lisa h.

Did someone say "birthday?"

I love that pink elephant - so sweet!

Enjoy your relaxing mornings and slow meals, Jacqueline!


...hummmmm when could your birthday be? Great treats for your special self. xoxo


Birthday??!! ooo...when is your birthday, Jacqueline? I would love to send you a card or something. :o) I just had mine on 30th December--turned 37...YIKES! But anyway, LOVE these illustration...very enchanting and love all the high color. It's good to treat ourselves sometimes, isn't it? ;o) Happy Day, dear friend ((BIG HUGS))


OMG! These are so cute! And have a happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!


whoa - nearly your birthday! Buon compleanno from Italy! I think it's so cool you like Nicoletta's artworks - I also think her work is amazing...I like the style of cute with a twist! Very cool! I hope you have a fab bday and thank you for sharing your photos, thoughts and always your sweet and happy attitude!

Mousy Brown

Those postcards are lovely - I have never heard of the artist but i'm off to do some research now! My birthday too this month -and my little ones - what a lot of January babies :)


Happy early birthday Jacqueline! I hope you have an AMAZING day!

My Owl Barn

Wow, those suitcases are so lovely! Great b'day gift to yourself. Happy Birthday!


Hi Jacqueline - Happy New Year! Your finds are absolutely wonderful. It's so fun to visit your blog, you always have something special to share - just like you. Happy Early Birthday to you. Hope all your wishes come true! Love & hugs ~ Lori

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

I'm sooo excited, Jacqueline!!!! The new class starts on Tuesday and I'm so glad we're in it together!


So beautiful :)


Such great eye candy. Mika

AG Ambroult

thanks for the intrduction to NIcoletta. I am a BIg fan already!

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