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February 03, 2010


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Gorgeous photography J! You have talent miss xx


Yes, I feel that CNY is really fast approaching too :) Glad to hear that you had an awesome weekend. The food looks so delicious!

Have a great day :)


What lovely images..the first one is so so amazing. Happy to hear your weekend was a good one. xoxo


Beautiful images Jacqueline! It looks like it is always sunny in your part of the world. And, that food looks amazing!


ooooo. CNY is approaching :D
And you're learning German? That's so awesome :)


Wow, that pic of steak, egg and chips made my mouth water! One of my favorites. Happy preparations for the Chinese New Year. I look forward to learn more about that on your blog in the next days. German lessons? Wow, that's great. I can speak a little bit as it is very close to my home language. Hope you have a great week!


Beautiful comfort food photos - yummers! Can't wait to see more photos and a peek at your projects... :P Have a fabulous day!


That top photo is magical, Jacqueline! And so is that delicious food...mmm... I'm hungry now--LOL! Enjoy your busy week... and good luck with the German. I had a little German when in school--I wouldn't mind brushing up on it. Happy, Crafty week, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Beautiful photos, Jaqueline! Gorgeous! Hope you have a great week and find focus for all of your project!


Your photo of the market looks beautiful. Love to see all those colors. Can you believe it's February? How wonderful! Good luck with your weekend plans and studying.


I love the photos, the food looks so yummy! Have a wonderful rest of your week!! Lots of love!


Hello Jacqueline! I haven't had my breakfast yet and your photos are making me really hungry for one. Delightful photos! Your listening part on German is making me feel guilty as I look at my pile of French CDs... :)


Chinese New Year or some call it the Lunar New Year is just so near already; hey it's next weekend and this year it coincides with Valentine's Day. Are you done with all the cleaning and shopping already? :)

Wishing you a lovely merry happy week and the weekend coming up. Lots of love to you.

PS: Just realised that you are just a 'causeway' away. :)


Dear Lyn, yep, i'm learning German. This "German for dummies" is a gift and i am learning bits by bits slowly. Sometimes i do find it so hard to pronounce certain german words. hehe

Dear BK, wow I didn’t know we reside so close to each other! How fun! Cleaning and shopping for CNY is still an ongoing process and I only have about 1 week more. And I am still baking my Valentine’s Day gifts in my little creative space. There’s so much to do and yet so little time. I guess this happens when a few special events fall on the same day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Love to all of you!


Yes, I didn't know too until you were mentioned about CNY and I got curious. LOL!

Now I could almost smell what you are baking there. :D

Lots of love to you too.

lisa h.

Delish! Looks tasty - see, I'm licking my lips:


Are the paper lanterns at a shopping mall? They're so pretty.


I am swooning over the paper lanterns! That picture is so beautiful!! The pictures of the food look amazing too. i love coming to your blog, there are always such bits of loveliness here! xo


Oh I love that first photo so much!

Your food photos looks amazing as well. I'd love to try that second dish!


I really love that picture of the paper lanterns.
Yes CNY is right round the corner, did you realise it coincides with Vday this year?

Cookie Cutter

Yep, chinese new year is almost here! So much cleaning up to do around here so i know exctly what you are talking about.

Mmmm... those food images look so good! I have a weakness for potatoes!


Beautiful photos Jacqueline!! Those lanterns are gorgeous! I adore Chinese New Year - thank you for reminding me - I like to go to China Town and watch the dragon dance!


hmmm, my favourite dish! Homemade french fries and fried eyes, you can´t beat that combination!
I haven´t been round much lately, but I can see your blog is brimful with beauty (as usual).

lots of love,



Wonderful...that foods looking mighty yummy!
Can't wait to see your crafty news!!!

kim hicks

That photo is wonderful. Have a Happy Chinese New Year! I am adding you to my inspirational blogs as your site is always so cheerful and bright.....
Have a great weekend...


Dear Jacqueline, thanks for checking in on me. I'm well and hope you are too! I love your photos, especially the first one. Its so beautiful! Happy CNY and hope you're having a great weekend! :)

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