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February 23, 2010


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I always love popping over to visit you..your images are adorable...those cookies look amazing. Happy week to you...sending you some love. xoxox


Beautiful photos...making me hungry and miss home too! Hope you have a fabulous week and get settled back in...anxious to hear your big news!


Such GORGEOUS photos, Jacqueline... the new year is celebrated with such great, big style there! Those cookies are calling my name. ;o) So glad you've been having the best days just now...enjoy! Happy Week, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))


Likewise I am having lots of fun for the New Year too and engine is a little cool off at the moment. Got to heat it up and get moving again. :)


Aww, the photos are just precious! Glad you enjoyed your CNY!


I agree with everyone on your beautiful photos! Wishing you and yours paws-perity[I love this phrase!] for the new year.

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

"paws perity," I could go for that this year. I have an idea of what's coming up and looking forward to it!;-)


What a lovely vacation Jacqueline, I love all these photos, full of good energy and beautiful colors!


Welcome back. Love your vacation photos. It sounds like you enjoyed your time away, and some quiet time at home. I love those moments!


Welcome back to your bubble space dear Jacqueline! I'm so happy that you had a great time for the New Year :) Those photos are so fantastic! Love your mom's orange tree and those yummy cookies! And f course the Maneki Nekos are my all time favorite creaures :))

Hugs and kisses! xoxo


I always love looking at your photos, they always put a smile on my face! The little kitty is too cute! That food looks so yummy! Have a wonderful week and much love to you!


Everything is beautiful...I love the way you choose and arrange photos in your blog...it's always inspiring!

Mousy Brown

Lovely images! Happy year of prosperity to you too :D


I'm glad that you enjoyed some days with family and friends, it's good to take some time out ;)

But I miss reading here! Hope you won't be away too long :)
And you always amaze me with such great photos and your country history/culture :D
Have a great week my dear friend =)

Valarie Budayr

These photos are gorgeous. I could smell and taste them. Who couldn't love paws perty. Very cute. Glad to hear you are well. Big hugs to you.


Beehives are one of my fav CNY snacks too...

Enrouge (Karla)

Those kitties are so cute. . . and big! What a festive time . . . looks like so much fun. I'm glad you had a good time and such good food and company! Wonderful photos Jacqueline!


That food looks yummy! Especially the cookies. Hope you are having a great week settling back into routine. Look forward to see your next crafty share!


Beautiful pictures, mouthwatering cookies.
I am a big fan of glutinious rice.
Happy paws-perity to you Jacqueline!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Dear Jacqueline, thank you so much for posting these exquisite photos! Simply beautiful and I love to learn about Chinese New Year and get a real feeling for it!

I know what you mean about hibernating... I've been feeling a bit low on energy myself lately. But I suppose it's only natural that energy levels go up and down and sometimes we need to rest and withdraw so that we get the energy to come out in the world and share and explore.

I'm so very happy for you and your loved one!



Lovely photos! It is always so hard to get back into the swing of things, but we'll be here when you are ready!

Cookie Cutter

Lovely photos! A few more days of the lunar new year left so let's savour it!


Vacation times are nice and well deserved!
We are enjoying them too but in a much colder place : French Alps...
I am not good at guessing "hints" so i will have to wait to see what you are creating....
A bient├┤t!

Ema Nakaoka

You have such a cute blog. I love all your little projects.

Miss B

Oh loved this! Happy New Year!!! Love how you frame your photo's you are so creative.

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