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February 27, 2010


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Everything is so sweet..I agree tea is what gets my morning started too. I just adore your images...and I noticed the sweet teaspoon..I do love mine xoxoox

Sara Moriarty

Hey Jacqueline! I am a student of Blogging Your Way with Holly Becker. I just wanted to check in with you and make sure you plan on participating in the final weeks homework. You are on Team Smarty Pants Bloggers. We are trying to get everyone to complete the assignment to win the bonus from Holly. Stop by and let us know that you’ll be joining us. Thanks! ~Sara


Hi Jacqueline!
Morning teas, I should make more for myself, actually I love iced tea with lemon for it´s Summer down here!
Your tea set is so, so lovely!
Have an inspiring and creative weekend and I hope you had a peaceful morning tea time!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Such a pretty little box of teatime treats! Hope you have a great weekend as you settle down in your favourite routines after the big New Year's Holiday! xo


Sooo sweet and charming...love the little heart hanging down... You & your Kim are very clever, Jacqueline! Like you, I feel that tea is a magic drink.. it can lift a moment, provide courage, ease a cold...yes, definitely magic drink! I've been drinking a lot of green tea in recent months. I love jasmine green tea and also a green tea with dried lime peel--such heavenly scents while drinking. Enjoy your tea time and have a very lovely weekend, my friend--Oh, and many thanks for you lovely comments on my new spring line of accessories--you are so sweet! :o) ((BIG HUGS))


Such a fun idea...so creative...and as always beautiful photos to share!

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

I'm a coffee girl all the way, but the art of tea is what I really miss from my habit. Tea bags, cannisters, and tea in general come in so many creatively designed packages. You too show honor to the tradition through what you make!

Saskia Kok

Oh oh, Jacqueline... tea.... cannot live without it! Tea in the morning, afternoon and evening... all day long. I drink all kinds of herbs tea. Green tea is my favorite at the moment. But o.k..... These boxes.... these boxes are TOO CUTE ! I really do love them. Furthermore... this teaspoon.... I've never seen such a pretty piece of artwork! Must make your tea even more delicious .... I'm off now to visit your shop .... enjoying my tea in the meantime....

Have a lovely day. (If I had lived closer, I would have invited you for a nice cup of tea!)

Take care


How gorgeous! Love the colors and everything's just so cute :)


Cute treat boxes! Sounds like great weekend plans.

Dana Barbieri

Very cute! Lots of love and care went into it all I can tell. I hope your weekend is great!


I love your little snail teacup! So cute! The boxes are darling! :)


beautiful beautiful pictures Jacqueline! Have a beautiful Sunday!


Super adorable little kits...very lovely! I also like to drink tea, but more often go for strong coffee as well... probably makes me a bit jumpitty at times!


So lovely! Although I am a coffee lover [you'd find me brewing coffee at 10 in the evening], I am drinking more tea these days. Just had an excellent cup of green tea infused with kiwi and pear essence. Love to you!


oh wow, your little tea kit looks so delightful!


What beautiful pictures! I am a tea-lover myself, although I am not adventurous about trying different types of tea at all. I tend to stick to two local types of tea. Nothing more relaxing than a cup of tea and a new craft magazine or book! Have a great week!


your set is super! the spoon is the best part :-) that reminds me of the valentine's tea pack that i did for my boyfriend (didn't blog about it). i wrapped 20 teabags into custom made bags, stitched the sides with the sewing machine and then added a quote inside (like in a fortune cookie). ever since he drinks one tea a day and he loves the little quotes. maybe that's an idea for your set, too?! ;-)


Dear Jacqueline, what a delightful post, and I love how you've made it so special and such a lovely ritual. I love your treat boxes and tea bags. It is all so cute :) Actually I love everything you post! take care! ps: I love tea too! :)


Your blog is filled with such sweetness! Finally I can come and visit often....

.... hugs, anna x

Enrouge (Karla)

This is a lovely idea -- it's beautiful and so unique! Your pictures look amazing, too. I think I need to go have a cup of tea, since you have made it sound sooo warm and wonderful. Have a great week Jacqueline!


Where, oh, where did you get that adorable tea cup? I absolutely ADORE it!

Valarie Budayr

Hi Jacqueline. There is nothing better than a cup of tea and such a cute little tea box. I just stopped by your shop too and it's just fantastic. Here's to all of your creative endeavors. Big Hugs.

Cookie Cutter

I'm also more a tea person than coffee. Your tea bags are so cute!


This is the sweetest post. I love tea too- loving your sweet little tea box.

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