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March 11, 2010


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Do you make all of your packaging supplies? I have been looking on Etsy for pretty packaging supplies and haven't really been able to find them. Love yours!
Love to you and yours!


Pretty packaging is so delightful to see! Thanks for the eye candy :) Hope all is well. Much love.


So Pretty...I adore sweet simple packaging too. Yours are lovely! Happy sweet week to you my friend. xoxo


Lovely photos - I also think it's the little things that make packaging so nice.


beautiful packaging.. I love using garden twine with my parcels and presents too... and I love brown wrapping paper with red string and various stamps as that is what we did at christmas and H had a ball stamping names on the gifts.

The Hausfrau

Such sweet packages--and I love the little stamps!

Little Brown Rabbit

Oh I LOVE packaging too- I also use garden twine with my own packaging!

You've been very creative with yours.

Have a good day :)

x Em


looks good. everything! really! (not being chatty myself lately) :-) sending you hugs.


Delightful. Such a joy!


Hi! Such pretty packages, and I just love your photographs, so bright and well done! I have missed stopping by here, I've been away.
I feel the same way about driving, it makes me feel very anxious, you are not alone!


Lovely packaging is so much fun to play with...And you have some very sweet things here, Jacqueline! Sometimes a busy weekend can zap a week's worth of energy, I find too--so you are not alone! This week has been sooo busy, so I've not been posting as much myself...But I've been consumed in a wonderful way making pretty, sparkling things...so not too bad--LOL! Happy Days, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Cookie Cutter

Lovely packaging! Makes it so different from regular store bought stuff. I've been eyeing stamps for a long time, afraid to buy a set. I think I won't be able to stop once I start!


Nice combination of details in your packaging. I like the pretty paper doilies paired with the simple twine.

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

How cute!


I love your photos- They really have inspired me to set some time to be creative with my hands- not just my mind today. Thank you.

Mousy Brown

Really beautiful - the packaging and the photos! Have a lovely weekend xxx


Pretty pretty packaging! I love them! Your wooden tags are so cute too! With your logo on them :)

I wish you've enjoyed your trip to the craft store!

Take care and have a wonderful evening my lovely friend xoxo


You do have the best packaging -- such attention to the little details makes it stellar. I think it's important, too, it just makes the whole experience come together. And I understand about not being so chatty lately, maybe it's the time of year?? I don't know . . but I hope your inspiration keeps growing! Have a fun and relaxing weekend Jacqueline!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Very pretty packaging, the caring and beautiful details make all the difference!

And sometimes one needs some time to restore, some time to oneself, I think it's natural that one has cycles of being more extroverted or introverted?


Me too, I'm a huge sucker for great packaging. (PS - saw your "Living Your Creative Dreams" interview today - congrats! I commented over there.)


I'm sure that anyone who receives such cute stuff would have a wide smile on their face! :) Lovely photos!


Driving tires me out too.

Love these pretty packaging.


Beautiful packaging certainly adds more love and personal touch to the gift. Hope you'll gain back the energy soon. Have a lovely merry happy weekend! Lots of love to you.

Valarie Budayr

Such beautiful packaging. This last year I've realized that people really like to receive unique and thought out packages. I don't think people realize how much they like this. I've been trying to come up with very simple and fun gift delivery methods. I can hardly wait to see what you are up to. Take care and big hugs.


I think half of the fun of the gift is pretty packaging! It is so wonderful to open up something that is so carefully thought through. Your ideas are just wonderful!
Hugs from Emily ♥

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