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April 27, 2010


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Samantha Battersby

They are so pretty! I've never seen these type before - I love the fabric! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend - all the best for the coming week ahead!


Those look really comfy and I do love the polka dots. Are they slippery on wood floors or do you use some kind of tread on the bottom?


Those look so comfy! Have a lovely week! Much love to you!
P.S. I love shiitake mushrooms, really I love any mushrooms!


Oh wow, great job! They are super cute and make me think of anime...hehe!


I love them! How did you make them! I want a pair! xoxoxox


Hi Jacqueline, glad to hear that you had a good weekend! That flip-flop is simply lovely. Very fortunate Mister; now he gets to wear this lovely gift of love around the apartment. Have a lovely merry happy week ahead and love to you!


Dearest Amber, i didn't use any tread at the bottom. We were careful when he wore it the first time and we were cautions when climing up wooden stairs. It wasn't slippery. So far so good. Love to you!


Dear Dempsey, they are made from cotton fabric inside out. I've used a 7 mm - 8 mm acrylic cord as the foundation but i'm planning to use polyester cord for the next one. The fabric are then weave together with the cord acting as the structure of the flip-flop. Love to you!


So cute! I'm such a fan of polka dots! Have a lovely week!

lisa h.

They look comfy, like the texture of the gathered fabric would feel like a foot massage.

(and you used my favorite colors, too!)

Georgianna Lane

Hi dear J, Oh, these are too cute, really wonderful idea and so much fun! Have a wonderful new week! xo – g


Looks great! I can't believe you actually made them, you must be super talented.


those are fabulous. your man must be so proud of you!! they're lovely :-)


Its wonderful to hear that Mister dotes on you! :) These flip flops are a gorgeous gift for him. You are both so lucky to have each other. Wini xo


Those are FANTASTIC, Jacqueline! Such fun to hear in the comments from you how you made them...as I was wondering what was on the inside, or what you used for a foundation. Happy feet for the Mister... that is so sweet...aaawww... LOVE is grand! Happy week, my friend ((BIG HUGS))

Kate England

Beautiful work, Jacqueline! I love the fabric and colours!


Oh Wini, i adore these words you used "dotes on you" ~ sooo cute! Love to you!


Oh my goodness....these are the best things I have seen in a long time!!! Your creativity amazes me my friend...I so love the red and blue...hugs for a sweet creative day. xoxoxo

Saskia Kok

Oh oh, cannot believe my eyes! These lovelies are awesome. Love polka dots, love blue.. so bright and fresh with that red. You go on creating, my friend. So I can keep coming over here and enjoy all your gorgeous eyecandy and great ideas! xx

Dana Barbieri

Those are wonderful Jacqueline! You are so talented. Are they knitted or crocheted? What a lucky guy you have!

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

Glad you had a wonderful weekend!


Oh Jacqueline! These are absolutely adorable! And they look super comfy!


You can make anything, can't you?! Darling post . . so sweet. What a lucky guy to be so pampered!

and flowers pick themselves

love the fabric + pattern.

xo Alison


Dear Dana, they are weave together with a acrylic cord as the foundation. I guess i could also call it knitted together {without using needles and hooks}. :) Love to you!

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