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April 27, 2010


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tutorial please?? hhehe... it looks so "crisp" :-) love love it!


Dear Grace, a tutorial did cross my mind but i'm not sure if i would be able to pull out a good turotial for this as the steps are quite tedious. But i will definitely keep this in mind when i make my second flip-flop and try to come out with something. Thank you so much for your kind words! Love to you!


The flip-flops are fabulous, I'm so impressed again with your skill, and I know that you love polka dots! :) What a sweet gift for your honey.


They are awesome Jacqueline! And they should be really comfortable! I'm happy that you had a great weekend!

Hugs and lots of love!! xo :)


I love them! And they look so comfy :) I'm a flipflop & polka dot lover too, so how can I not love these?


Great work!!! :D
I've never seen flip-flops like those! It looks confortable and so adorable! :)


oh, these look so comfy. and btw, i LOVE the name of your site!

so glad to have connected--


Silky Hart

I adore your site! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments. WOW, I LOVE the flip flops! Were they tricky to make? I'm so impressed.


Dear silky, they were a tad bit tricky to make. But i'm pretty sure once i get the hang of it ~ it will be very easy and perhaps later i could be confident enough to make a little tutorial for it. :) Love to you!

AG Ambroult

I am so impressed that you can just 'decide' you are going to make flip flops, and then actually succeed in making them! I remember those polka dots, love that fabric. And the finished product looks super squishy and comfy. Nice job!


I can't beleive you made polka dots flip flops!!
It is such a wonderful crazy idea!!
Love them!

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