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April 19, 2010


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Oh you poor thing :( I'm so glad you're feeling better now but what a horrible weekend you've had!

Your wind chime is really pretty. My friends have a bamboo one, it makes such a lovely sound, but I've never had one. Maybe now I'll buy one!


Oh my dear...that is so horrible! I'm so sorry you were feeling bad and so glad you are better now...jeepers! It always sucks to be sick, but nice to have the mister there helping you when needed :) Beautiful windchime as well...wow!


So sorry you've not been well, Jacqueline... Do hope you are resting and will be on the mend and feeling better very soon! :o) Must say I've always liked wind chimes, and this one you show here is lovely. Be taking good care my friend... ((LOVE & HUGS))


I am sorry to hear that you were sick, but happy you are feeling better! I have a neighbor who has wind chimes all around his house, I bet over 20 sets of them...It's funny you said that you associate them with horror movies because when he put all of them up I told my husband that reminds me of something a crazy cereal killer would have at their house!
Now I love listening to them, they are quite relaxing. Have a lovely day and much love to you!


Wow, that sounds terrible to be so sick, especially over the weekend! How nice you had the Mr. to take care of you. Glad to hear you're feeling better and finding some peace, even in the smallest things.


I'm so sorry to hear you were so sick over the weekend! That sounds nasty! But glad to hear you're feeling better. How wonderful that the Mr. was there to take care of you. Makes you appreciate those small things, like your lovely windchime.


Sorry to hear that you were sick again =/
But you're lucky for having someone beside you ;) Hope you'll feel better soon!!!!

I love wind chimes!! :D That one is so beautiful! :)

Big hug to you!!!


I think it's the season, everyone around me at work has fallen sick :( I hope you feel better, do remember to take lots of fluids and rest well!

I find it amusing that you thought of horror movies when you think of wind chimes, I think they're beautiful and soothing :)


Sorry to hear you were sick over the weekend,I hope you're feeling lots better now!
Your wind chime is beautiful.
Hope you have a happy and productive week!!
Em xx


oh, so sorry for this...But fine to hear that you get your energy back...So send you good thoughts and hugs and hopefully you feel better soon and this picture is so beautiful.Thanks for sharing and until then the very best for you...cheers...Ines

Valarie Budayr

I'm so sorry you've been sick. Please continue getting better. I'm glad you had such great support through your illness. Take care and big hugs.

Saskia Kok

Hope you feel better better better soon, Jacqueline.
Sending many happy thoughts your way. xoxoxox


Hahaha, you made me laugh about the horror stories!! But this one is really wonderful and the picture is so beautifully taken!

I hope you are better Jacqueline and wish you that you start this week with lots of good energy!!! Love to you!


This is such a pretty post--I'm just sorry that you were so sick. It's awful, isn't it?! I'm glad you are better now--that's so wonderful that you had someone to help you through it all. The windchime photo is lovely -- so soft and with such pretty lighting.

Keep well dear friend . . . I'll send lots of good thoughts all the way across the oceans to you! : )


{this is my second try at posting a comment, so you may have another one--not sure what happened!}
I'm so sorry to hear that you weren't well -- it's just the worst to have those symptoms you had. I feel for you!! I'm glad you are getting better now. This is such a lovely post and very pretty photo -- the lighting is so nice and muted. I think it is a very special picture. I enjoyed reading it all, but just feel bad that you were in so much pain. So, here's to many healthy months ahead! I'll send good thoughts your way. Be well dear friend! : )

Georgianna Lane

What a beautiful photo – serene and graceful and full of peace. I'm dreadfully sorry you were feeling so awful, dear. That's just rotten. But I'm so happy that you had such excellent care and that you are nearly recovered. Thank goodness for that! Have a wonderful new week, filled with the healing light of this lovely image. Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment. xo ♥ – g


I am so sorry to hear you were ill. Glad you are back on the road to recovery though. I believe our bodies MAKE us sick to take things a bit easier. Seems you had a good rest despite feeling unwell and that's good. Love wind chimes! I have about 5 of them around the house. Sadly several of them have recently broken during these awful windstorms we get before rain lately. I need to replace them. I often lie in bed at night listening to the sounds. Very calming. Enjoy your week and get better!


That is a lovely wind chimes.

Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well over the weekend but glad that mister was taking great care of you.

Wishing you a happy merry lovely week and lots of love to you.

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

Glad you are feeling better!!

Account Deleted

Hop that you feel better. I love my wind chimes, I have one in the garden and one in the bedroom. Mika (ww.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Cookie Cutter

Glad to know you're feeling better. Wind chimes always reminds me of summer in Japan :)

Anne Marie

Happy to hear that you are feeling a bit better. Sometimes our body try to tell us that we need to slow down. Perhaps that's what happened with you.


I hope you're feeling better soon!


Glad you are feeling well! And how did I miss your camera case? Adorable!


Oh honey I'm glad you are feeling better! I'm glad you had someone to take care of u x

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