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April 23, 2010


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Have a great weekend too!


That is so sweet, Jacqueline! I've not tried needle punch embroidery before...looks like endless fun! Do hope you are feeling better... Happy Weekend, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Kate England

Sorry you're having some trouble with the prototype for your iPhone and iPad case/cozy project. Although it's fascinating to read about how it develops... Happy Friday, Jacqueline!


I've never heard of this technique before, it looks interesting. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! Have a great weekend!


I love experimenting myself! You are doing well! Hope you and your loved ones have a most wonderful weekend! x


That looked like a really sweet tag. Pardon me I do not know exactly what you did not do right as I do not know anything about sewing.

Glad to know that you are recovering well. You are right, it's Weekend!

Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you too!

AG Ambroult

yes! I do love trying new techniques! That tag is adorable and I am so excited that you are making ipod/ipad cases! Can't wait to see them!


That is so cute! When I was little I had a punch embroidery kit and made my aunt a flamingo embroidery, of course I had a pattern to go off of, but I loved it! Have a lovely weekend and much love to you!


What a cute little tag. I have always wanted to try punchneedle embroidery. The local quilt shop near my office offers classes on this technique, which might be fun to try. Happy you're feeling better! and crafting again!


Adorable!!!!! You are so creative...sorry to hear you were so sick...but glad you are starting to feel better...hugs to you my friend. xoxo


Oh fun! I've also done punch needle embroidery before, but it was a kit I bought at Michaels so I don't know much either. I just like the results because it's so touchy feeling, you can rub it! Hope you have a great weekend and lots of fun, glad you feel better :)


Very pretty!
Your new technique looks wonderful although I've never heard of it until now!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Em xxx

Dana Barbieri

Glad you are feeling better. That is so cool. Looks like fun. I love the embroidery (never heard of it) and can't wait to see more!


Oh yes i absolutely LOVE the texture of this embroidery! So soft and feels just like uhmm my towel. hehe Love to you!

lisa h.

I'm happy that you're getting over your illness!

I've often wondered about punch needle embroidery - i'd like to try it sometime, it looks so fluffy.

(Sorry, I've been on a little blog break and lost track of you. I am just now finding my way back! I thought of you recently when I was at a Japanese bookstore and saw the latest issue of Cotton Time :)

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

How cute! Happy weekend!

Saskia Kok

Now that tag is so so lovely, Jacqueline. Love the text on it. Great idea! Keep feeling better, my friend! Sending a big hug your way for a great weekend. xoxoxo


Dear Jacqueline, I┬┤m happy for your recovering and so inspired by your latest artwork!Thank you for sharing with us!! Love to you and have a happy , colorful weekend!

Saskia Kok

Hi sweet Jacqueline, your tag is such a sweetie. Love the words and texture! You keep feeling better, my friend.
Sending a big hug your way for a sunny and funny weekend! XOXO


great work! i learn something new today from u :D abt punch needle...


Hi Jacqueline, What a pretty tag! You are so crafty and creative. I've never tried punch needling, but it looks like so much fun and you've done a great job!!


Glad you a starting to feel better. This craft is really cute, I can see why you'd want to learn it. Have a lovely day! :)


You make alway's such beautiful stuff. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)


Hello Jacqueline! This is something new to me. Punchneedle embroidery? I must check it out. Sounds like you are feeling better! Have a good weekend and thanks for visiting.


thanks for your lovley words...hopefully you had a great sunny weekend and your little crafting project is so sweet...wish you a wonderful creative week...much love and hugs...cheers...i

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