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April 23, 2010


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Valarie Budayr

I'm so glad to hear you are making ipod cases. It will work out. It just takes a little time. I love love love this little tag. Great punching technique. Be well and happy.

Samantha Battersby

You're so clever! :0)


Hey there! I can't believe I missed this post of yours - glad it's the weekend and you have time to relax & recover from your week.

I loved punchneedle embroidery when I saw it demonstrated a few years ago, bought the needle and thread, but only made one project a while ago - it's fun, like a miniature rug-hooking. Wish I could help with the wonkiness -but it looks good to me! I will have to take that out and try it again sometime. I like your idea of a tag, too.


oh that happens to me quite often too! :D
I learned this technique when I was younger, still in school :)
Did you have fun? Will you make more? :)


Dearest sweet Nia, yes i had alot of fun making it and i will definitely make more! Need to improve my punching skills. :) Love to you!

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