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May 07, 2010


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wooohooo your packaging is adorable. the glassine bags are very decorative. they are my ultimate favorite packaging bags. well done, cutie :-)
enjoy your weekend.


Those little bags are sooo sweet--such pretty packaging, Jacqueline. Enjoy your fun-filled weekend :o) ((BIG HUGS))


So much loveliness! I love how you are using my cotton tape! Simply beautiful! x

and flowers pick themselves

i love the ribbon. so cute.

have a wonderful day!

xo Alison


So pretty! And you take the most gorgeous photos. =) xoxo


Jacqueline, that are very lovely packaging; very sweet.

Wishing you a lovely merry Mother's day weekend and lots of love to you and yours.


They are all so pretty!


Wow, beautiful packaging! Love how detailed your are...woohoo!


yes, yes...great work...i love packaging so much, too and so it would be so fun to stay with you and work...;)...love it you super creative sweetheart...thanks for sharing and a wonderful weekend...hugs...i


Oh my I am with you on this one...I love the packaging sometimes more than what is inside...I am off to visit that link you gave us all..sounds lovely...your packages are stunning my friend. xoxoxo


Great packaging ideas you're sharing with us today. What a different those adorable packaging supplies can make when giving and receiving.


I too LOVE, la la la la LOVE! Packaging! and I've really enjoyed reading and looking a tall your heart felt creations. What a joy. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi on my blog - Marked by The Muse. I'm looking forward to learning more of you and your creations during the Flying Lessons eCourse. Until then! ALl My Best, Stephey

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

A sealer! What a great gift! I love wrapping and presenting things, too. It's the best part of any project. :)

Dana Barbieri

Hi Jacqueline. Sorry I haven't been by in awhile. I love your packaging and attention to detail!


Dearest Dana, don't need to apologize. :) So happy you drop by my little bubble space today! Love to you!

AG Ambroult

it's true--you DO have a fantastic collections of packaging things. I drool over all of it. And nice score on the second-hand sealer! I can't wait to see the iphone cases!


So darling! How wonderful that your sister found this sealer for you! I love that cute tape. Your friend is very talented as well! ;)

Grace (whimsyloft.com)

i wish i had the talent and patience to pack everything up so pretty like you do... i'm usually the "hurried" packer as long as it's durable i'm fine.. i could learn something from you here.

Kate England

Oh I love your adorable packaging, such a sweet treat to see how you do it and where you find your materials! LOVE this post! xoxo


The packages are so exquisite. Love the screenprinted notes!


I'm amazed!! So sweet and adorable packages =) And your tag on the first picture wooowwww 0_0 beautiful!!! :D


Jacqueline, what a great find of your sister! Congratulations!!! I am sure you will make wonderful packages with it, too!
Have a nice day!


You are always do such an amazing job with the little details! Such a treat to receive one of your packages made with love!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy

Oh looks like some fun sweet new packing goodies indeed and sure does look like you know how to use them all perfectly:D Have fun with your sealer.

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