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May 01, 2010


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Jo Hassan

Hi Jacqueline
thank you so much for stopping by my blog, introducing yourself and for your warm, encouraging comments. Had to return the favour and visit you too. Wow, your space is so very pretty - have enjoyed my little wander around. :0)
Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding too. How hard it must be to be so far apart at this exciting time. But it looks like you have found yourself a real 'treasure' with the scrummy gifts he left you so that you didn't feel quite so sad.
Looking forward to journeying with you on this exciting 'flying' adventure.
Hugs Jo :0)

AG Ambroult

what a sweetheart he is! Such a thoughtful thing to do, so you don;t feel too sad :) That top photos is just lovely.
Thanks for the kind words about mousey brown's necklace, Jacqueline!


Jacqueline, that was really sweet of Mister; that is a lovely heart-shaped box bag. Wish you a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


Your Mister is the sweetest!!! Those flowers are one of my favourites...are those Johnny jump ups? That bag is so so sweet...have a good weekend my friend. xoxo


Yes, i believe they are Johnny jump ups. Will need to ask the mister if he knows the name of the flowers. :)

and flowers pick themselves

this post put a smile on my face. enjoy your saturday!

xo Alison


Hi Jacqueline, Sorry that you are apart, now but what beautiful flowers and gift your Mister gave to you to cheer you up. He seems like a real sweetie! :) Have a happy, crafty and creative week!:)

Mousy Brown

So sorry you are feeling sad Jacqueline - look at your lovely gifts and plan your special wedding and I am sure the time apart will go much quicker than you think! Take care and look after yourself - big hugs Em x


Sounds like you had a lovely time, but I'm sorry your mister had to go away again. That must be really hard to goodbye. But hopefully the wedding planning keeps you busy so you don't miss him too much. :) How nice of him to leave that beautiful purse behind! So pretty!

Have a great relaxing weekend!

Kate England

Such beautiful photos and a very thoughtful sweetheart! :) Hope you have a decent weekend!

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Those flower photos are stunning, Jacqueline. Love them.

And what a thoughtful man you have! Definitely hold onto him!

Saskia Kok

You made some gorgeous pictures of these gorgeous flowers, my friend! I'll be driving along Hamburg next Friday.... on my way to Denmark for a short vacation =)

Wishing you a lovely Sunday, sweet Jacqueline! xxxx


ohhh so sweet! =) Small gestures that fill our heart ♥♥♥♥ Enjoy those moments, you deserve!
Have a lovely weekend! Big hug to you :)


Oooh your Mister sounds lovely!!
What yummy gifts he left for you.
Hope you're not feeling to sad.
Have a lovely weekend.
Em xx


Oh lovely saskie, how wonderful to be driving around europe. It must be beautiful just looking at the view while driving. I have not try driving around in europe yet and i should when i visit Hamburg next time! Will propose it to the mister. lol Love to you!


Jacqueline, Happy First Day of May!
I love this month because of my birthday month!!!

I hope you fill your moments with joy reading and having a good cup of coffee and I know your day will be brighter! Happy weekend to you!!!


It must be very hard saying goodbye for you two, I can't imagine long distance, especially when wedding planning. Very sweet of him to have those little surprises ready for you though.

Michele from New Zealand

I LOVE your blog!! So, so pretty :)


What gorgeous photos Jacqueline, I want to wish you all the very best with your wedding plans, it can be hard organizing when its long distance but it will be so worth it ;)

Wishing you a happy week!


Miriam xx


That is such a SWEET gift, and so lovely of the Mister to do to cheer you... Do hope the days will fly by until you're together again. It is so hard being apart from your love... Planning your wedding will keep it all exciting. :o) Happy Days, my friend ((BIG HUGS))


I know some little girls [mine..] that would "steal" that purse in no time....
Very girly and Springy!

Have a lovely week ahead,


he's going back and forth between hamburg and you?! send me a message next time you're in Germany. maybe we can meet somewhere.
his gifts are so sweet. so dear.
have a relaxing sunday, sweetheart.


The photos on your blog are always such an inspiration!


Sounds like wonderful plans! I love the treasures the Mister left you - what a sweetheart.


Dearest lovely lou, yes he is. We take turns to visit each other. We'll be making some plans for me to visit hamburg some time this year. *crossing my fingers*

I will absolutely drop you a message next time i'm in Germany! I would LOVE to enjoy tea/coffee with you and chat away! Such wonderful fun! Love to you!

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