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May 01, 2010


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Sounds so lovely -- so sweet, but I can understand, too the sad part of being separated. He sounds so romantic . . . the little purse is darling!


I love the title of your blog :)
Thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog...I'm so glad you stopped by to visit! I'm really looking forward to the start of Flying Lessons.

Grace (whimsyloft.com)

the box bag is really pretty. :D
don't feel sad, it's just a temporary separation..distant will make the heart fonder :-) cheers!


Your Mister is so sweet and romantic. What a lovely gift! Sorry you are feeling sad. Sending cheery thoughts your way! ;)

Georgianna Lane

That first photo is just exquisite, my dear!! I had no idea he lived so far away. I can understand how that would make you very sad. But wonderful that you have so much to look forward to. Big hug across the seas. xo – g


Your man is really romantic and thoughtful. When you are sad, just think how lucky you are to love and be loved. And soon he will be back in your arms again!


Hello jaqueline.Wow, he is back to germany.Is he german? would be so fine to meet you, also with lou, mabye someday in germany?.Give us a message.This would be really fine to meet in real...
And i can imagine how hard this must to be, to let him go back.So i hope you are fine and send you some good creative thoughts...and hope that you two will see eachother very soon again...have a lovley sunny creative week and a big hug...cheers...i


I love your cute heart shaped bag! What area of the world do u live in?


Love the photos, and I really went "aww", it was so sweet of him to not only give you the nice bag but to present it with style!


Dearest ines, yes he is german. :) That would be such a great idea to be able to meet up with you lovely ladies! Will send over a message if i do visit someday! Love to you!


Dearest sweet Kerri, i live in Malaysia {Southeast Asia}. :) So happy you drop by my lovely space today! Love to you!


What a sweety, love that bag. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)


Oh, so sweet of him! I'm sure very soon you'll be together forever and looking back at these bitter-sweet memories as precious times :)

Lots of love to you my friend xo

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